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Simple Tasty Egg Recipes Spanish Omelette

Insofar as egg recipes are concerned, a spanish omelette is one of the easiest and simplest to make although, admittedly, the omelette can sometimes be a touch bland.The following recipe is a slight variation on the traditional spanish omelette that is tasty and flavourful, but nonetheless exceptionally easy to whip up, pun intended.The key variations-a dollop of cream cheese, your favourite south african original seasoning instead of salt, and a handful of garlic chives.Ingredients 1 onion 10-15 garlic chive stems [approx.] 150ml extra-virgin olive oil 500g potatoes 8-12 parsley leaves [approx.] 6 eggs seasoning for eggs ground black pepper 2-3 tbsp.Cream cheese or smooth cottage cheese utensils peeler chopping board sharp vegetable knife large skillet or frying pan [w/ lid] wooden spoon metal colander mug or measuring jug large mixing bowl manual/electric beater or fork small/medium mixing bowl medium-sized pan spatula dinner plate or serving plate method wash, peel and roughly cut the potatoes into sizable chunks.Finely chop the onions and the garlic chives.Heat the oil in the skillet or frying pan stovetop at a medium-high heat.Add the potatoes, onions and chives, turn down the stove to a medium heat, and partially cover the skillet or pan.Stew gently, stirring occasionally, for approximately half an hour, or until the potatoes have softened.Strain the potatoes, onions and chives through the colander into the mug or measuring jug, setting the strained oil aside.Place the potato mix in the large mixing bowl.Beat the eggs in the small/medium bowl, and then stir into the potato mix.Add seasoning mix and ground black pepper to taste.Roughly chop the parsley [tip: dried parsley works fine as well, substitute about 1.5 tablespoons].Fold in the cream cheese or cottage cheese and the parsley with the wooden spoon until well-mixed.Heat approximately 3-4 tablespoons of the strained oil in the medium-sized pan.Spoon the potato and egg mixture into the pan.Cook on a medium heat, using the spatula to turn and shape the omelette into a round cushion shape.When the omelette is almost set, turn it out onto the plate, tightly pressing it into shape before sliding it back into the pan.Gently turn the omelette about 2-3 times, pressing the edges down after each turn.Continue frying until lightly browned.Once golden brown on both sides, slide the omelette back onto the plate and cool for 10 minutes before serving.Simple, hearty, and delicious-perfect for breakfast or brunch.The seasoning mix offsets the potato and egg well, whilst the chives add additional flavour, and the cheese adds a creamy richness to the omelette.Buen provecho, amigos!.

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