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Single Stage Hammer Crusher A Special Machine To Hammer For Crushing The Bulk Material

The hammer crusher is one of the main equipment for fine crushing limestone, coal, or other brittle materials below the moderate hardness in the industrial sectors of metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and utilities.Single-stage hammer crusher run large piece of material into the crushing cavity, stacking the middle of the stent, a special machine to hammer for crushing the bulk material gap and run crash in the middle bracket, single-stage hammer crusher fall by the high-speed operation of the hammer head is a further blow to broken, and eventually integrated to the grid by the arc discharge grate.Aircraft due to the large mass of a single hammer, the hammer rotation inertia volume, single-stage hammer crusher to overcome the other hammer crusher hammers wear faster, wearing parts, high losses of weakness, large feed size, broken high maintenance and low cost.How to operate and maintain single stage hammer crusher? there are some tips about them as follows: 1.The user should be trained in machine repair and operators complete control of the machine works and maintenance knowledge.Establish local operating procedures and maintenance of security systems.2.Raise the bearing should be generic class 3 lithium grease about 30 grams, oil's share of the total space of the bearing and the gland 1/3, the washing once every six months.3.10 days after the first use of a hammer, you should check the wear and tear open the access door in order to determine the inspection cycle; side of the wear to the hammer half should be adjusted side to use.4.Crusher hammers and hammer sleeve wear plate after welding wear-resistant layer, the electrode is greater than the hardness of hrc55.5.Single stage hammer crusher repair check the contents: main bearing, wear-resistant parts.6.Single stage hammer crusher checks the contents of the small repair: bolts, fasteners, positioning, spacing, belt, wear-resistant parts.7.Single stage hammer crusher overhaul check the contents: wear parts, spindle straightness, electrical insulation, main bearings, the grate frame, rows of iron body, motor bearings, electrical and lines.As a professional mining machinery manufacturer, dsmac has adapted to market demand, and constantly adjusted business development and innovation model.The first half of the entire mining machinery industry trend is not optimistic, but with the relaxation of the national macro-control policy in 2012, the second half of the development prospects of the mining machinery industry is still relatively optimistic.

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