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Six Tips For The Best Scrambled Eggs Ever

Scrambled eggs on toast is probably the ultimate breakfast.Cheap, filling, tasty and healthy.Plus, it's so simple.What else could you want? we hear you.A bit of variety would be good, too.Or just a way to make your scrambled eggs so good that you never want anything else.Like the perfect, fluffy eggs that you find at your favourite breakfast spot.How do they get them so right every single time while yours are often a bit dry and flavourless? lucky for you, we have some tips to help you recreate the perfect, delicious scrambled eggs at home.Once you've put these egg hacks into practice, you'll never look back.Pssst.You can add a bit of variety with spices, seasoning and toppings.We'll throw in a couple of ideas on that front too.Tip one: use a non-stick pan.Every time.That old iron pot is useful, but the eggs always stick, which makes them harder to scramble evenly and also leaves a huge mess to clean up.Tip two: do add salt before you scramble.The myth that it makes eggs tough and/or watery is completely untrue.By adding salt before you cook the salt will be more evenly distributed and will also help to hold the eggs together.Tip three: don't make the pan too hot.A lot of scrambled egg recipes call for a high heat, but it makes it hard to control the consistency and doesn't give you that soft, fluffy, creamy consistency.Instead, start over a lower heat and whisk or stir continuously.It takes longer, but it tastes better! tip four: use the best eggs.Old, cheap or poor quality eggs will result in bad scrambled eggs, and as they are meant to be the star of the dish, you can't really get away with it! eggs are quite cheap anyway, so it is better to go all out.If you get good quality, fresh eggs then you'll knock everyone's socks off! tip five: skip the liquid.We know this is a controversial one, and you've probably been adding milk or cream for years, but as above, if you have good eggs then you don't need much else.Adding liquid changes the consistency of the eggs and waters down the flavour.If you really love the creaminess, try adding only a tiny splash of milk or alternatively, folding in a knob of butter at the end of the cooking process.That way, you still get the decadence, but with a lovely texture too! tip six: for seasoning, add cheese and herbs at the end.Remember to grate or shred cheese so that it melts properly, and only add it after you remove the eggs from the heat (which should be done just before they're done cooking).Freshly chopped herbs like chives, tarragon, dill and parsley are all excellent choices to spice up your eggs too.If you want to add anything that releases a lot of water, like mushrooms, spinach or tomatoes, pre-cook them so that they don't water down the scrambled eggs.

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