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Some Basic Information About The Kiln Drying Logs

Wood drying or the lumber seasoning or wood seasoning, in general, reduces the natural moisture content of the wood, prior to its use.When the entire procedure is done in a kiln, it is referred to as the kiln dried log or wood or lumber and so on.The kiln is a purpose built oven where the log is dried entirely.For the people, dealing with timber, wood-drying processes, it is important to know about the kiln drying procedure.Most of the times, people do not care to do the necessary research and end up facing problems.This is why people need to ask for advice from the experts.There are various websites also through which one can learn about it.What is a kiln? kiln refers to an especially thermally insulated oven or chamber.It is supposed to generate sufficient temperature, in order to complete some necessary processes, such as drying, chemical changes and so on.For days, the kiln is being used for the sake of turning objects made from solid clay into pottery or tiles, as well as bricks and so on.Many industries have been using the rotary kilns for a thing called pyro processing which transforms limestone into lime and so on.Types of kiln: in general, green wood which comes from the currently fallen trees contains too much moisture.This moisture allows the wood to rot quickly or get dampen.This is why both the hardwood and the softwood must be dried before the moisture content remains somewhere between 18% and 8%.This entire process can be boosted up by using a kiln.There are various types of kiln: conventional, vacuum, radio frequency or dehumidification and so on.Among these types, compartment-type kilns are the most frequently used one.In general, the compartmental kiln is filled with the static kind of timber.This is used to circulate the air properly.The conditions of the drying process depend on the types of timber being used in the kiln.This is a very popular method, used by the timber companies.Benefits of using kiln to dry logs: people often wonder what the benefits of using a kiln are or why one should opt for this.To sum it up briefly, instead of naturally dried logs, kiln dried logs are able to overcome the shortcomings of the natural weather and its erratic behavior.In the case of kiln drying process, unsaturated air is used as the medium.Here are some of the benefits of using kiln for the sake of drying timber: naturally dried timber, as mentioned earlier, contains lots of moisture, which enables them to rot very easily or break and so on.The moisture can easily be controlled in the case of the timber, dried in kilns.It takes lesser time in the case of drying in the conventional type of kilns than the solar kiln.Air drying takes the most time.Since it takes too much time, in the case of air drying process, the capital has to wait for a really long time period.On the other hand, installation, operation, and maintenance of the system are quite expensive in the case of kilns.Naturally dried wood also takes up lots of space.This space issue, problematically, is also related to the expense of money.In kilns, the rate of the drying can be controlled, unlike the other systems.In kilns, the temperature, which is used to dry the wood kills almost all the fungi as well as the insects inside the wood, during the entire process.This is not at all guaranteed in the case of the air-drying procedure.Badly done air drying or uncontrolled method compels the wood to crack, split or break.This is why one should consider using the kiln.In order to gain better control over the process, one should consider kiln dried logs.There is no need to panic if all these news seems to be new to you.Go through these tips, in order to gain a better understanding of the entire process and the best quality timber, produced out of it.

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