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Some Points During Magnetic Separators Operation

Magnetic separators are designed to recover ferromagnetic materials.The separators are available in designs and sizes to provide solutions for all applications.The magnetic strength of the river sand magnetic separator generally is 3800-4500 gauss.The effect of the washing is to raise the hair iron powder grade, which generally can be free adjusted between 30-45.The sand exclusion system of river sand magnetic separator is the system to send the tail sand far away from the machinery, which is to ensure that the machine can work normally.During machine operation, the following points should be paid attention to: 1, check the transmission system and the oil of the machine before starting a magnetic separator, and then start the magnetic separator and the water system, then start the feeding motor after the separator rotated normally.2, start the feeding motor, after the chain bucket system operating normally loosen the brake arm.Slowly bring it down, when the sand in the hopper is more than 2/3 stop the decentralization, when the sand in the hopper approach 1/3 bring down the support arm again.When the angle of the big arm and the surface reach 45 degrees, (about 5 meters ), should stop the big arm.At which time the sand in the hopper controlled by the traction, the forwarding of the traction determines by the amount of the sand in the hopper, the forward and backward should be flexible.3, the new magnetic separator or magnetic separator after overhaul should breaking in 24 hours before the normal operation.4, when stop a magnetic separator, the sand in the hopper should be less than 1/2, slowly lift the big arm until the four corner roller under water appear on the water.Stop the feeding motor until there is no sand, then stop separator and finally cut off the water supply system.5, when coming across gale ( 5 or more) should temporarily shut down the magnetic separator, so as to avoid the fault.When maintain the machine or replacement parts should stop the separator from working to avoid personal casualty accident.In modern times there are many magnetic products which are launched by the companies year after year for the medicinal purposes.Magnetic wraps, braces, bands, jeweleries etc.Are now very commonly used by the people.Magnets nowadays, are acting complementary to the medicines.They provide relief to the patients from many problems like gouts, stiffness, muscular pain, joints pain etc.Products normally purified by the magnetic separator are industrial materials, fodder, food products, chemical and other free flowing materials etc.Magnetic separators are very efficient device which helps in giving good output.They are easy to handle and operate and provide valuable protection to your equipments from ferrous contaminants.The magnetic separators are available in various sizes to meet different requirements in different circumstances.Magnetic separator:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_66.Html belt conveyor:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/49.Htmlsand maker:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/58.Html.

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