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Some Unusual Appearance Of Drying Machine

The mining roasting machine is a kind of high-efficiency, energy-saving drying machine manufactured by our company after many years study, on the basis of the successful experience of the similar products at home and abroad.Among a wide range of these drying machine, this one is one of our flagship product.We are on the leading side both in design and manufacture of roasting equipmentit is mainly used to dry the mineral materials, such as iron ore, quartz ore etc.Furthermore, china kilns have well adaptability, generally applied to granular and massive ore, and can also roast the cream materials with comparative high humidity and the mineral waste residue.The new process of drying technology of the drying machine express five strange phenomenon: 1, the material quality and the color of the finished product can be comparable with tube bundle kiln.Which is far behind by any other vertical heat drying machine.2, when the equipment normally works there is no fire seen from host observation mouth of the equipment.Even though the drum length of the smallest equipment is only 3 meters.The phenomenon indicates that there is a lot of materials store in the drum, all space inner the drum occupies by the materials threw by the throwing plate, and the blaze of the main burner are fully turned back by the mateirals, so it can't see anything.All the heat energy can be fully utilized.3, when the equipments normally works if there is a power failure in sudden, operator does not need to take any stress measures because it won't fire inside the drum.This phenomenon indicates that the cylinder temperature of the drying machine is very low, it won't fire according to rules and operation.4, as with the drying machine of the same size, the drum wind speed of hongxing drying machine increases more than 50% than the traditional kiln drum wind speed.However, the material storage volume increased two times instead of decreased.This phenomenon is due to the' reciprocation' of the materials, and it has nothing to do with the ' multi loop movement' of the material.Coal slime drying machine system by the heat source, break up the device, belt feeder, feeders, rotary drum, belt feeder, induced draft fan, unloading and distribution cabinet composition.Coal slime due to a certain degree of stickiness in the drying process of wet coal slime into the drying machine following workspace: first, a conducting zone, wet coal slime into this area with high-temperature hot air, the equipment works as follows: exposure to the rapid evaporation of moisture, the material in a large lead angle of the copy board copy move, do not form a bond will be imported into a workspace; two to clean up area, wet coal slime copy copy board in this area so he took the formation of the state of the material curtain fall of the material is easy to form the adhesive roller wall phenomenon in this area due to equipment design of the cleaning device, cleaning device, it is very reasonable to clean up the inner wall of the adhesion of the material, in this process, the cleaning device for the material group ball agglomeration from the crushing effect, thus increasing the heat exchange area, to improve the drying rate; tilt lifting plate area, wet coal slime loose state in this area has shown a low moisture, the material in this area does not have a bonding phenomenon, heat after the exchange of material to reach the required moisture status, entered the final feed zone; four material, roller board in this area is no copy, the material rolling glide in this area to the discharge opening, to complete the drying process.Impact crusher:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_12.Htmlball mills:http://www.Hx-crusher.Com/ball_mill.Html.

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