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1.Big higher resolution airborne magnetic and radiometric questionnaire to commence the stage ii exploration plan can be strengthened through the commencement, on march 21, 2011, of the big high-resolution airborne magnetic and radiometric questionnaire ("survey") more than all 4 licenses.The questionnaire continues to be brought forward from stage iii, to supply extra data to the interpretation of final results of the scout drilling program, and also to help in preparing stage iii exploration program.Aeroquest (aust) pty.Ltd.Continues to be contracted to undertake the survey.The questionnaire handles all 4 licenses (yanfolila, kolondieba, dandoko and solabougouda) comprises 4,834 collection km and is also getting flown on the east-west orientation at 200m collection spacing using a nominal soil clearance of 70m.Places with identified gold targets for the yanfolila and dandoko licenses can be flown at tighter 50m collection spacing.It is anticipated the fact that whole questionnaire can be finished inside of four weeks.The final results in the questionnaire will help in guiding the prepared scout-drilling plan and in identifying extra targets.Component within the drill plan can be undertaken concurrent using the questionnaire to maximize final results from all actions for the recognised gold targets.2.Mobilzation of drilling gear commences africa mining confirms that it has commenced the mobilization of drill gear to the stage ii 5,400m rc (reverse circulation) drill program, which can be expanded matter to results.As previously announced, the goal within the preliminary drill plan would be to intersect gold mineralization at depth, in difficult rock.The plan will concentrate on drilling the pursuing preliminary targets: - solona and yanfolila gold anomalies for the yanfolila license with drilling to begin prior to the finish of march 2011; and - disse focus on for the dandoko license with drilling to begin in april 2011.3.Solabougouda license on feb 16, 2011, the solabougaouda license was formally issued to africa mining, pursuing the signature within the "convention d' etablissement" signed on january 20, 2011.The solabougouda license is situated at about 245 km sse of bamako, and some sixty km east within the yanfolila license.The license has an place of 188 sq.Km and also the 3 12 months function dedication totals us$1m such as a initial 12 months demand of $160,000.The license place continues to be chosen dependent on our interpretation of regional airborne magnetic info and area visits.The license place is inside of a location exactly where there can be a shear zone that hosts other gold deposits.The prepared questionnaire will enhance our capability to define targets and can be analyzed in link with soil geochemistry along with other exploration function afterwards while in the year.

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