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Specific Working Principle Of Ring Crusher

Specific working principle of ring crusher ring crusher is the main rotor rotating the ring hammer hammer the force applied, which can get broken in the role of the material.Material from the machine into the crushing chamber hopper immediately after the high-speed rotary by four row crisscross the impact hammer rings installed and extrude in crushing plate, because from the ring hammer gains kinetic energy,cement making machine and the material is affected by the shear extrusion, rolling grinding and polishing,sand making machine thus broken to required broken grain size, and sieve hole of the gate from falling, this machine is still cannot be broken,artificial sand maker such as iron block and sundry volunteers, etc., the dial the feeder dial into except to iron indoorscrew classifier.Machine structurethis machine is mainly organisms, machine cover, rotor, sieve plate rack regulators,limestone dryer organization.Impact crushing machine, the body and cover part of the machinethe body and machine is uses the steel plate cover a welding, body and cover ground chain by machine, with chain hoist can flip open.When need to replace hammer rings parts, first with the bolt on to unloadball mill, dozen boot cover, the machine can flip cover 90 degrees.As shown in figure a, from the ring on the lower down on the axis of the elastic pin or hole with block circle,rock crusher spare ring shaft, can replace ring hammer, etc.1, the front of the body with baffle, so as to change the spare parts such as screen frame withore vibrating feeder.Baffle gasket, by bolt,mobile jaw crushers nut tighten live, in the back of the body with a sieve corresponding place, it is installed a stir disc, and machine on the cover for corresponding to the board on the dial, a room except the iron.Outside its special a doorflotation cells, facilitate each class in iron and sundry in time with.Body and cover on the wall of the machine, there are protective of wear resistant lining board.2,impact crusher for sale the rotor partin the spindle jacket with a flat keys, two disc.The setmobile impact crusher, the rocker and tooth shape and circular ring hammer, according to the provisions of the static equilibrium, respectively,spiral classifier price through the ring collar wear in the disc and rocker, by elastic pin or hole with block circle positioning stuck.The spindle each parts on by both ends of the clip set, lock nut to lock solid, to avoid work produce back to loose, tighten was in place spot welding sluggish move.On both sides ob286 it contained in spindle-64 type double row spherical roller bearing to the heart.Coupling dish and flexible coupling parts and motor shaft linked together.3, a part of the plateplate frame is uses the steel plate and angle steel welded to the upper welding with a suspended axis.Hang on in the body of the shaft block inside, use card board limit.The bottom of the sieve membranes and support the regulator screw combined together, made with manganese steel crushing plate, plate size parts, by bolt, nut tighten it.Artificial sand maker:www.China-crusher.Com/sand-maker3.Htmlmobile jaw crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/product.Htmlchina cone crusher:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/cone-crusher.Html.

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