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Specifications That We Must Grasp In Using Jaw Crusher

As we all know, jaw crusher discharge mouth (row mouth) is mine according to the needs of user can be adjusted for qualified product material size.And also at first, we must konw the knowledge of jaw crusher thrust board.The jaw crusher thrust board, also called cubits board, in addition to transfer power to and fro dynamic jaw plate do outside, but also has a safety insurance effect, changing its length also can rise to adjust the role of ore mouth platoon.When jaw crusher crushing cavity things (such as crushing in an iron ball, iron, etc.), for the protection of the equipment is mainly parts are not damaged and use as crusher insurance after thrust board components.With cast iron plate after general thrust moulds overall, in which a trough of some holes open or to lower the cross-section intensity; also can cast two, then use screws (or rivets) of connecting thrust board, combined.When not broken objects into crushing cavity, equipment overloaded and huge breakage force to thrust plate lead to thrust board broken or combination thrust board screw, machine cut to stop work, have insurance effect.These knowledge may use the specifications in equipment not spoken so detailed, so the user in the purchase equipment, installation debugging must be to learn more, experts crusher grasp the jaw crusher of insurance and the material adjustment, to better the stable production.Along with the continuous abrasion gear plate, ranking ore mouth bigger product constantly coarsens, in order to obtain qualified product size, need regular adjustment row ore mouth size.Row the adjusting methods of the ore mouth basically has the following two: 1, gasket adjustment, namely the bearing seat behind thrust board with frame behind after a group of gasket placed between wall, increase or decrease gaskets quantity or changing its thickness, can achieve the purpose of adjusting row ore mouth.This compact structure, regulating and reliable, large and medium-sized jaw crusher multi-purpose the regulation method.2, wedge block regulation, it is to use on thrust board with frame between the backseat two wedge block adjustment is suitable for small crusher adopted as the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as classifier,vibratory feeder, henan hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

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