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Steel Industry Should Adjust Structure To Develop

During the two sessions of this year, the national people's congress, deng qilin,general manager of wuhan iron and steel (group) company, said this year, wuhan iron and preparation for the construction of ten thousand scale pig farms, and during the year to slaughter.The "wisco pig," a pound of steel prices not worth on four or two pork "a moment to become a hot topic.During the same period, march 11, led by the nation's largest private steel enterprises shagang raised construction steel prices.Industry leaders turned to the development of non-steel business, steel prices are a reflection ofthe current plight of the steel industry.According to relevant statistics, in 2011, china's large and medium-sized steel enterprises only achieve a profit of 87.53 billion yuan, down 4.51 percent; the profit margin is as low as 2.42%.In 2012, the situation is even more severe.The apparent downward trend of domestic economic growth, the real estate market downturn, the continued weakness in demand for downstream industries; the international debt crisis in europe the spread of the global steel overcapacity, increasing competition, trade protectionism, the recent steel export volume declining.Downturn internal and external situation, the steel industry will continue to struggle in the "high-cost, high volume, low-profit" quagmire.According to industry sources said, this winter may continue for at least five years, a large number of small and medium-sized steel enterprises and may even freeze to death.Economic restructuring is bound to be the only means of self-help, premier wen jiabao also made clear that in this year's "government work report": "to auto, steel, shipbuilding, cement and other industries focused on control increments, optimizing stock, promote corporate mergers and restructuring, increased industrial concentration and economies of scale." through the merger and reorganization to raise domestic steel enterprise in international negotiations of the discourse, in order to reduce the iron ore mines purchase price.At the same time, steel enterprise structure transformation also is imminent, but whether it is a self-help way out, like that of wisco with the core business had no relation to the agriculture? industry analysts widely think should try to development and their own closely related areas such as logistics, energy, steel processing, international trade and the high and new technology, etc.Through the alliances, structure transformation, and stronger china's steel enterprises, resist internal and external adverse environmental, soon will spend winter.Cone crusher supplier : http://www.China-crusher.Com/cone-crusher5.Htmlimpact breaker : http://www.China-crusher.Com/impact-breaker1.Htmlore vibrating feeder : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/electromagnetic.Html.

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