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Stone Crusher Propels Gravel Industry In 2012

China's machinery industry to achieve the leap from big to strong, needs arduous efforts.The first is to nurture the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, which is the only way bigger and stronger machinery industry; secondly, to improve quality and efficiency of industrial development, transformation of economic development; third is to strengthen the industrial generic technology research, to enhance the mechanical industry innovation; the same time establishment of a modern industrial system, which is taking a new road to industrialization, the inevitable end.As the hard core of the manufacturing industry, machinery industry is the national economy important industry and major pillar of the economy, which also are closely linked with the well-being of the domestic economic.With the impact of the global financial crisis reduces gradually, our country economy begins to pick up, the production scale of various metal and non-metallic minerals, cement, construction, sand and metallurgical industry also continue to expand throughout the country, which lift a climax of construction.The sand making machine play an important role in the development of china's construction industry, which has become the national economy the pillar industry creating benefit.The construction of chinese economic has gradually began to develop at a rapid momentum since the eighty time, no matter what industry which refers the china railway construction, highway construction, the developing of real estate, mining and water conservancy industry, they are all developing at a very fast speed.These developing trend has driven the development of an economy industrial chain, for example, the repair of expressway, the repair of railway and the construction all need cement, gravel, sand and so on, and the product of which need mining machinery such as crushing machinery and grinding machinery.That is to say, the rapid development of gravel industry also bring the rapid development of mining machinery, such as the developing of crusher, sand making machine need in mining and gravel production.The infrastructure construction will drive the development of gravel crusher and the crushing industry.The diversity of small crushers become development directionalong with the development of china's economic construction.The domestic real estate and the construction of the continuous development of high-speed highway, making the small crusher industry has also been rapid development.The production of small crusher crusher developed from a single specification to a variety of specifications of various models of a variety of small crusher.One of the new small crusher crusher complex sales market is gradually opening to the development of composite crusher sales than in previous years are also far improved significantly.Here we will show you a small crusher manufacturing capacity issues as reflected in the development of composite crusher found.Small crusher crushing capacity per unit time is the amount of broken material, with the tons / hour.Impact crusher capacity by many factors: 1.The humidity of materials, materials containing water that is larger, the contents of the material in the crusher easy to adhere, but also easy to plug the next conveying process, resulting in crushing capacity decreases.2.The material hardness.The more rigid the material broken up the more difficult and more serious wear and tear on equipment.Slow broken, of course, crushing capacity is small.3, the fineness of the material after crushing, high fineness, which requires breaking out of the finer material, the crushing capacity is smaller.4, the material composition of the material before crushing the powder in with the more impact crusher, because they affect the adhesion of powder is easy to transport.For the powder content and should advance once sieve.To increase production capacity.Special products are composite crusher, first to pass a string of numbers to illustrate the composite crusher industries, the global annual compound crusher as much as one hundred million tons of materials to several hundred, but only china's annual compound crusher of a variety of materials is about 20 million.Thus, in the production of composite crusher industry energy saving, high-tech composite crusher is crushing the future of composite machinery industry is a major direction.Sand making machine:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_57.Html spiral separator:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_37.Htmlmobile crusher:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/12.Html.

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