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Stone Sand Production Line

First, stone production line, the first procedure consists of vibrating feeder supply to the jaw crusher, and then immediately crusher, jaw crusher here the role played by the broken chunk of material into the counter-crusher, reaching customers need between 20-60 particles on the high-speed rotation of the rotor plate hammer to produce a high-speed impact of the broken material into crushing cavity, and has broken materials along the tangential direction broken the back plate of the chamber the other side of the high-speed thrown, to be broken again, and then from the back plate bounced back to the board hammer, continue to repeat the process.Whether is sand production line, stone production line, our aim is to ensure that the crusher, jaw crusher can normal continuous operation in order to extend the life of the crusher in the course of certain counter-crushing machine periodic maintenance and maintenance, which is the essential process.Broken equipment manufacturers, jiang su zhongbo industrial crusher equipment at the factory have done a long time idling in order to reduce failures in the future use of the process, our customers in the new machines put into operation in each class production run is completed must comprehensive inspection of the crusher, etc., each part to step up, the belt drive is normal lining wear a full understanding, there are cyclical timing check.Purchase the crusher at the same time, we have to understand what is the wearing parts, because the bulk materials in the crushing process will wear the liner back plate, in the replacement process must follow the principle, first open shelves, will be on remove the frame bolts in the box, and then use the wrench to the hex head portion of the clam shell device, and then shelves slowly open.In the meantime, you can use the rack above the hanging device to hang the next frame.Repeat the above process, the closed shelves.The impact crusher board hammer wear to a certain extent should be timely adjustment or replacement in order to avoid the damage of fasteners and other components, resulting in greater losses.Second, the basic process of river gravel production line first, the stone consists of vibrating feeder evenly to the jaw crusher for coarse broken, then the production cost of crude material by belt conveyor transported to be further broken jaw thin broken stone crushing into vibration sieve the separation of the two small stone, to meet the crushing machine (third generation sand making machine) feed size stones into the sand making sand, another part of the material back into the thin broken jaw further broken.Finished products into the impact crusher , a part of that is made ​​into sand, to sand washing machine (optional) for cleaning if sand has not reached the finished size requirements of materials, it will be returned from the shaker sand for re-processing, the formation of closed-circuit repeatedly cycle.Finished size according to the needs of users is to be combined and graded.If you choose dry production process, can be equipped with the thickness of the powder separator and dust removal equipment.

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