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Structure Characteristics Of High Pressure Roller Mill

The application layer crushing mechanism of high pressure roller grinding machine developed in the world at present is used in nonferrous mine, oxidation pellet broken grinding typical equipment, it is in recent years in the cement with roller machine based on development of new grinding equipment.Since it has high efficiency,mobile jaw crusher energy saving significant investment, convenient maintenance, province and the advantages of working environment, the world recognized as the advanced crushing grinding equipment, and throughout the world to get the quick promotion application.1 high pressure roller mill structure high pressure roller grinding machine is mainly by the following parts: two level set and at the synchronization extrusion roller device of 4 extrusion vice, one of which is the fixed roller, the other through hydraulic system and to provide the hydraulic cylinder pressure promote activities before and after roller little scope mobile, the roll and bearing the composition of the two sets of extrusion roller, through the orientation device installed in the box type structure are composed of three frame, each extrusion roller have their own independent structure of the same transmission device,magnetic drum separator and through the universal shaft coupling, and hydraulic coupler or safety clutch and planetary gear reducer drive system composed of 1 to transport the energy rolls, material through the adjustable feeding device into two rolls of 2 between material cavity.Central to the equipment, the automatic lubrication system of the bearing the system to provide the grease.High pressure roller mill control part mainly according to the test the system to provide the signal, the automatic control system for monitoring equipment, the control can be divided into the machine, site, central control three control mode.2 the characteristics of the high pressure roller grinding machine 2.1 units grinding low energy consumption,magnetic drum separator high production efficiency because of high pressure roller mill make full use of the laminated broken working mechanism, the energy utilization rate is very high, with the conventional extrusion type super finely crusher and compared grinding machine, crushing probability and grinding characteristics has improved, mainly is the contact point between particles and forces more strong.2.2 it can deal with high water content of material grinding process or conventional finely crushing wet material must first will dry material, or use wet ground.Drying is a large energy consumption of the process and the wet grinding products need to precipitate and filtering.But for high pressure roller grinding machine for, roller materials containing some of the best in the water (less than 10%), not only can make a better since birth roller fabric cushion, but also improve the working life of extrusion roller.The currently used hard alloy column nail roller surface not only tiny abrasion, and roller surface life can reach 7 000 ~ 30 000 h.Magnetic drum separator 2.3 improve follow-up work product grade and recovery in high pressure under the role of grain of group of the materials in the particles in the interior, and mineral and the waste rock around the interface between the local pressure produced numerical range, particle ingredients in the bear the ability of these stress, decided to it were shattered or occurs only deformation.In the treatment of the diamond, the hard mineral take these stress and diamond around the rock is shattered.In dealing with the mine, zhouyan were shattered, and gold content basic integrity or produce a little deformation.For sulfide ore deposits or, because of the nature of the differences between the mineral composition of the interface happen pieces, and improve the mineral disintegrate degrees.Shaking concentrator in oozy homework, particle surface and particles of cracks and crevices inside exudate can infiltration, so as to improve the product grade and useful mineral recovery.2.4 covers an area of less, the investment province high pressure roller grinding machine because the structure is compact, equipment light weight, features of small size, its installation position covers an area of less.Because of the grinding effects mainly in the interaction between the two rolls of pressure, produced mainly by the impact extrusion frame, assume,shaking concentrator on the basic of the load is small, so the grinding machine with compared, can save a large number of basic investment.2.5 production environments is good from high pressure roller mill principle of work can see, the use of laminated crushing mechanism, and the material is sealed in rolls and feeding device in the enclosed space, broken by static pressure, general won't impact and material splash, so equipment vibration and noise is low,shaking concentrator improve the working environment.3 high pressure roller mill application the early 1990 s, the world industry developed countries, such as germany, the united states, brazil, russia and other countries in the mineral processing industrial area, such as high pressure roller mill research and application, has successfully with high pressure roller grinding machine for diamond disintegrate, precious metals ore dressing, base metal ore dressing and preparation material, the pellet projects, and have achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.Domestic grinding experts and enterprise also has followed the trend of the times, and take the lead in using advanced grinding technology.If our country mining company wisco chenchao iron refinery and mining company reports pelletizing plant respectively from the german humboldt company (khd) introduced different specifications of high pressure roller grinding machine, used for the team to the material of iron concentrate grinding production, and replace the domestic development in recent years pelletizing feeding the embellish mill grinding work method.Luoyang mining machinery engineering design institute for research in the introduction of germany humboldt company roller mechanism made based on technology, combined with the independent hair of hundreds of a roller machine in the use of cement plant, through the proprietary roller machine test rig and material analysis laboratory, the various material of roller grinding test and analysis, according to the characteristics of the team of iron concentrate, develop domestic first used in metallurgical industry high pressure roller mill.Through the team in changzhi steel mill system, with the use effect and embellish mill is in table 1.High pressure roller mill used in pellet feeding of iron concentrate grinding process system, no matter from the production efficiency and production quality, economic benefit and social benefit on look, than the embellish mill is superior a lot, so, in the processing industry, high pressure roller grinding machine replace embellish mill will is the 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