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Structure Features Of Vertical Impact Crusher

The structure of crushers: here to tell you about the impact crusher features of the structure of the vertical, it is by the motor and transmission device, spindle assembly, impeller,jaw breakers hopper, points to distributor, vortex crushing cavity, base, dynamic lubrication device and so on several parts.In order to facilitate read, to his structure into smaller segments section to introduce: (1) transmission device (including motor) with double motor or single motor driver with the drive mechanism, double motor drive two motor installed in the spindle assembly respectively of the sides, two motor with belt pulleys and spindle belt wheel is linked together, make the main shaft force balance on both sides, do not produce additional moment.And single spindle motor drive by unilateral force and produce additional moment, general motor power in 55 kw above (single motor power), recommend with double motor driver impact crusher.(2) spindle assembly: spindle assembly installed on the base, to transfer the v belt from the motor power and supporting impeller rotation movement.Spindle assembly bearing spindle, bearing by, etc.(3) the impeller: impeller for a hollow cylinder structure, installation in the spindle assembly the upper end axis head, with tapered set and key link transmission torque, and high speed rotating, impeller is pl vertical impact crusher key parts.Mineral material is part of the impeller feeder center into the feed tube into the center of the impeller from the center of the impeller cloth materials uniform distribution to cone will to flow to the launch to each impeller, launch nozzle, install special material made of wear-resisting piece, impact crusher wear-resisting piece of wear can be replaced after, impeller will material speed to 70 ~ 100 m/s speed aerosol propellant out, the impact to the vortex move within the crushing cavity ore bed layer, strongly since shattered.(4) to hopper: to the structure of a handstand hopper for the lengtai body, feeding port setting wear-resisting ring, from feeding equipment of materials to the hopper into crusher.(5) points feeder: points installed in the vortex feeder move crushing cavity the upper,jaw breakers,jaw breakersand other machines are the stone crushing equipment, and its function is to split hopper will all incoming material, make part of the material is the center of feed tube directly into the impeller is accelerate gradually to the high speed aerosol propellant out, and part of the center pipe materials from the outside, china cement mills,china cement mills,china cement mills and other machines are the main ore dressing equipment on the market.Bypass into the vortex move within the crushing cavity of the impeller outside, from clumps of impeller is high speed material impact crushing and increase kinetic energy consumption, increase production capacity, increase crushing effect (6) vortex move crushing cavity: vortex move the structure of the crushing cavity for, under two paragraphs of annular space of the cylinder, and the cylinder cover plate under open two holes, the upper grafted in cylinder, the lower the material by mouth.Impeller in vortex move within the crushing cavity high rotation speed,combination crusher,combination crusher and other machines are the sand making equipment, vortex move within the crushing cavity can stay material, form the bed material layer, and the material of broken process occurs in the vortex move within the crushing cavity, the ore bed layer will break role and vortex crushing cavity wall still separated, make crushing effect between limited to materials, and have wear-resisting lining, in effect since the cylinder cover plate observe hole set in order to observe the impeller port launch in the mouth of wear-resisting of wear and vortex move top crushing cavity of lining board of the wear, crusher work must observe hole will shut tight closure.Points in the vortex move feeder fixed crushing cavity at the upper part of the impeller high-speed cylindrical section from the current, in the vortex crushing cavity through points in dynamic distributor, internal air since i formed the impeller circulating system.(7) base: vortex crushing cavity, spindle assembly move, motor and transmission devices are installed on the base, the base for four central lengxing space, used to install spindle assembly, and before the four lengxing on both sides of the space form discharging channel double motor installed in the longitudinal ends the base, the base can be installed on the stent, also can be directly mounted in the basis.(8) support: according to the crusher work place-the homework different or indoor operation, users can consider configuration of stents or not configuration stents (9) lubrication system: adopting mos2 centralized grease lubrication, lubrication part for spindle assembly upper and lower bearings bearing, in order to facilitate the note oil, this machine use oil pipeline oil cup will lead to the outside of the machine, lubricated periodically with dry oil pump.Impact crusher vertical impact crusher is commonly by above 9 parts, each parts are short of one cannot, hope that the user is in use process good care hot products:combination crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/combination-crusher1.Html.

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