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Suggestion On Choosing Iron Ore Concentrator

The hongxing technology has application in recovering iron ore from existing impoundments, which would reduce the size of existing impoundments.It also will be applicable to all existing and future machines cleaning iron ore.Furthermore, it has a high potential for enhancing the economic competitiveness of the domestic iron ore mining industry.Hongxing technology implementation in iron ore preparation machines to improve energy efficiency and reduce iron ore processing wastes over two billion tons of waste iron ore fines are estimated to be in slurry impoundments, with an additional 50 million tons being added each year.This results in a poor use of land and a loss of energy resources.These impounded fines are produced during iron ore cleaning.Although impounded fines may contain 75 percent high-quality iron ore, much of this energy resource is lost during cleaning and dewatering.This occurs because fines are very difficult to capture with existing cleaning technologies.Even when fines are captured, they present problems.Due to a high surface area to weight ratio, fine-sized iron ore carries a high moisture load that can cause materials handling problems, such as sticking in bins and freezing in winter, as well as reducing boiler efficiency from heat required to evaporate moisture.Fines can be thermally dried, however, they are very dusty and the process is expensive and energy intensive.A significant proportion of thermally-dried fines can be lost as wind borne dust, resulting in a loss of valuable fuel.The proposed cleaning technology to be implemented is known as the hongxing process.Hongxing technology involves adding an emulsion of asphalt, or similar binder, to fine-sized iron ore slurries before mechanical dewatering begins in equipment like vacuum filters or centrifuges.The binder selectively agglomerates the iron ore, but not the clays or other mineral matter.These larger agglomerated fines are more efficiently captured during cleaning and dewatering, which reduces the size and number of impoundments.In addition, the agglomerated fines form a more permeable filter cake during mechanical dewatering.This decreases cake moisture and possibly eliminates the need for thermal dryers, resulting in energy savings.Finally, the emulsion can be added before flotation as a collector, providing many benefits from this technology, while reducing or eliminating the need for petroleum collectors.Hongxing has a high potential for enhancing the economic competitiveness of the domestic iron ore mining industry by reducing iron ore cleaning costs through the reduction of iron ore loss, the need for thermal dryers, and the size of impoundments.Furthermore, the technology makes fine-sized iron ore a more acceptable fuel by reducing moisture, improving materials handling characteristics, reducing dusting problems and, possibly, reducing freezing problems.In addition to cost savings, hongxing reduces the environmental problems associated with dusty iron ore, impoundments and thermal dryers.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as china sand washer,impact stone crusher,concentrator table,mineral impact crusher, henan hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.Impact crusher: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/2.Htmlcone crusher: http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/8.Html.

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