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Superfine Mill Breakthrough The Fineness Limit Of Raymond Mill

Superfine mill breakthrough the fineness limit of raymond mill raymond mill as most ancient grinding machine types,jaw breakers with its low prices is convenient to use and other advantages, popular mining machinery industry.Long raymond milling machine is as the best mill, also in a very long period of time be use most grinding machine type, until now many of the mill work way still has the typical raymond milling machine work principle of shadow.However raymond grinding also has its fatal flaw: finished fine through low, the fineness of 613 to 440 microns.Jaw breaker with modern subtle processing technology of rising, grinding machine for the processing precision had the higher request, raymond milling machine and as a century old product is very natural came to the end of the history.Rotary dryer as raymond grinding alternative products, collis rick three-ring medium speed superfine grinding machine, the comprehensive break raymond milling machine fineness limit, and become a new generation of grinding equipment leader of the products.Collis rick ultrafine grinding machine working principle: work,china cement mill host motor reducer drive spindle and rotary table by rotation, the edge of the wheel drive roller pin dozens of grinding roll in grinding ring rolling rolling within the tao.The large materials hammer crusher broken into granules from increasing the machine into the store after silo, and by the vibration feeder and tilt of the feeding tube, the material to the upper portion of the wheel even the bulk material plate.Materials in under the action of centrifugal force scattered around the circle,clinker rotary kiln and fall into the ring rolling mill of within the tao is ring rolling roll shock, run over, grinding, after three layers of the tao into powder processing ring,mobile crushing station high-pressure blower through the suction action will external air inhaled machines, and will smash the material into classifier after inside.Rotating impeller made within classifier coarse material dropped heavy grinding, to meet the requirements of fine powder with air into the whirlwind set by the lower part and the powder of unloading valve for finished products from that, and with a fine dust is the air after impulse precipitator after purification through the fan and muffler eduction.With the development of science and technology, the future market for a mill grinding fineness put forward higher request.Sand washing plant grinding equipment in the production of enterprise must take the market as the guidance, increase investment in science and technology, speed up the upgrading of mill.Shanghai collis rick adhering to the innovation, the self, challenge the limit of the concept, and strive for customers with more quality grinding machine products.Flotation cell:www.China-crusher.Com/floatation-machine5.Htmlclinker rotary kiln:www.China-crusher.Com/rotary-kiln5.Htmlchina dryer:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/11.Htm.

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