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Swamp Air Coolers An Ancient Technology

You all have witnessed that on a hot day when you wash your face and come in front of the fan you feel more cooling.When you feel hot, your body perspires and to your surprise after sweating you feel more relaxed and cooler.This phenomenon is simply known as evaporation and this is the principle on which swamp air coolers also known as evaporation coolers work.These types of coolers are very common in india as they are cheap and provide maximum cooling in lowest energy consumption.But how this technology becomes so common? let us discuss about its origin.A glance at the history we all know that climate of egypt is very hot and dry and to survive in that climate, egyptians have to find some solution.They used to hand wet blankets or goat skin across the doors of their rooms and when hot and dry air passes through that blanket air cools off and bring some relief to the occupants.This same principle applies to the present day swamp air coolers in which water evaporation cools the air and brings the temperature down.But this is not same as air conditioner.The focus of both air conditioners and these coolers are same i.E.To cool the space.But there are some differences.Acs v/s coolers acs can work in both dry and humid weather but that is not the case with traditional coolers.Traditional coolers comes in variety of designs and sizes and also uses less energy than acs according to some studies almost 50 percent less energy than acs, you can take these coolers anywhere to want to take from room to room but that is again not the case with air conditioners.If we talk in terms of environment friendliness, of course these traditional coolers are ideal solutions for keeping your area cool without disturbing environment.Some points you should keep in mind keeping your home cool in summer is a herculean task but some things you should keep in mind before buying anything.Like best climate for these coolers is hot and dry.If you are living in a humid place where there is lots of moisture or humidity in air then swap air coolers can exaggerate your problems as while working they make the air moist because of released water vapors.In this situation acs would be better for you.If you are looking for a cost efficient mechanism then nothing can beat the efficiency of air coolers.If your room where you want to install this cooler is small then a small size cooler will be sufficient but if your room size is large then you want a large size machine.So first you should decide which size will be better for you.Maintenance charges are also very low of these types of coolers all you need is time to time cleaning.

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