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Sweet And Savoury Egg Centric Recipes

There are a handful of egg recipes that have long seen their best days, and are now neatly tucked away in an old recipe book.They have gracefully scooted over for a variety of mouth-watering egg-centric recipes that are suitable for breakfast lunch and dinner.A generous helping of savoury seasoning can turn a simple fried egg into a delicious morsel that is just begging to be paired with ingredients that will not only add creative flair to your dish but also delectable flavour.Sweet and savoury egg-centric recipes are sure to add a unique twist to your weekly menu plan.Here are three egg recipes that are sure to become fast favourites.Steak and egg patties toss out your idea of the traditional steak and egg dish, and welcome the idea of succulent and tasty steak and egg patties.Instead of eating these items separately, we've come up with a way in which to combine them! homemade hamburgers are delicious and simple to make.For six of these egg-centric patties, you will need to ask your butcher to give you 600 g of mince from a prime steak of your choice.Ingredients: ½ cup breadcrumbs 1 tbsp.(15 ml) fruity chutney 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 large egg savoury seasoning of your choice 1 onion, finely chopped olive oil salt and pepper, to taste use a pan to brown the chopped garlic and onion in a small drop of olive oil, set aside to cool.In a large bowl, mix the meat and remaining ingredients to make a stiff mixture.Add the savoury seasoning, salt and pepper to taste, and form palm-sized patties from the mixture.Fry in a pan until brown and cooked through.Sweet potato hash with fried eggs a generous shake of your preferred seasoning for eggs will ensure that this sweet potato hash tastes irresistible.Suitable for a hearty breakfast, a quick lunch or a scrumptious side-dish for a light supper, this sweet and savoury recipe is guaranteed to become a firm favourite.To make 4 helpings, you will need: 3 large sweet potatoes, peeled, cooked and grated savoury seasoning, to taste salt and pepper, to taste garlic flakes 1 tbsp.(15 ml) butter flour 4 eggs grate the cooked potato into a bowl, mix the seasoning, salt, pepper, garlic flakes and butter together to make a mixture.Form palm-sized helpings, flatten them to a thickness of 5 cm and cover them in flour.Fry on a hot pan until golden brown and top with a fried egg.Puffy eggs with lemon and sugar ideal for a rainy day snack or as a dessert, this recipe is simple to make without compromising on the flavour.Before you begin, preheat your oven to 180 degrees celsius.You will need the following: oven proof skillet 1 tbsp.(15 ml) butter two eggs 1 tbsp.(15 ml) flour ¼ cup (125 ml) milk pinch of salt fresh lemon juice icing sugar melt the butter in the skillet while mixing the flour, milk, salt and eggs in another bowl.Once the butter has melted, add the mixture into the skillet and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.Remove the skillet and let the puffy eggs deflate.One they have flattened, sprinkle with lemon juice and icing sugar.Simple to prepare and suitable for any time of the day, tuck into these delicious egg-centric recipes and never look back!.

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