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Switch To High Capacity Briquetting Press For Clean Green Earth

Nowadays, the earth is facing pollution, greenhouse effect, and other issues.So, briquette machine is the best alternative and the best biofuel which helps to solve it safely.These high-density biomass briquettes use binder less technique and are 100% natural.Biomass briquettes are the miracle in the area of renewable energy.This green energy or enviro-coal don't even cause any harm to nature.They don't produce any sulfur/nitrogen oxide, fly ash or smoke.What is a biomass briquette machine? these machines produce of the cuboid, cylindrical, or hexagonal shaped briquettes out of biomass waste such as wood, hay, cotton stalk, sawdust, grass, and other crop waste, etc.This white coal is used widely for the thermal applications in the industrial boilers for the generation of electricity and also for household purposes.They have high calorific value, high efficiency, high combustion rate, long life, low energy consumption, less maintenance and easy transportation.What is biomass raw material? the materials possess plants, microorganisms and animals like as straws, leftover in the agro, industry, forest debris or dung in the animal industry.It contains cellulose, lignin, and hemicelluloses which have loose structure and low density.When these raw materials get compressed, they will via rearranging position, plastic, and mechanical deformation.During the procedure, the wind and twisting between the viscoelastic cellulose molecular boost the volume and also lowers its density.Briquetting process: the biomass briquetting press machine turns low-density biomass waste into high-density biomass having high energy.Check out the procedure of making briquettes: material (humidity below 10%) - crushing - fed to fuel briquette maker - molding - packaging -storage applications of biomass briquettes (bio-coal): 1.Boilers paper mills, sugar mills, food processing plants, chemical plants, oil extraction units, etc.Use biofuel for the heating and steam generation.2.Residential heating the white coal is also used for winter heating in the cold weather in the canteen, homes, and restaurants.3.Ceramic units and brick kilns this solid biofuel is used for firing of furnaces.4.Agriculture biomass briquettes are used in heating greenhouses, chicken coops, and nurseries.5.Gasification the gas of biomass briquettes is used for the production of power, and it mainly replaces coal-based producer gas systems and oil firing in the furnaces.It is the best alternative for the firewood, coal, and also for the liquid fuels such as diesel, lignite, furnace oil (fo), kerosene, etc.Other applications areas: -refectory industries -spinning mill -milk plant -leather industries -dyeing plants -vegetable plants -textile units lamination industries -commercial heating -brick making units etc these eco-friendly briquettes are the non-conventional fuels that deliver outstanding results.In contrary to the loose biomass or wood, this low-cost fuel has higher boiler efficiency, easy to manage, and has low transportation cost due to the less moisture.So, save you earth by using this high-quality asset today for the economic and ecological balance.If you are hunting for the best quality briquette plant, then ecostan® is the best choice to consider.With the high volume of industrial expertise, we are leading biomass briquette machine manufacturer in india, and our professional r&d team tests them stringently to ensure a flawless experience to the patrons.

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