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Symon Cone Crusher Working Principle

Working principle of symons cone crusher 1.Driven by the electric-motor ,the eccentric shaft bush will rotate with the triangle belt,small and big bevel gear,big bear,transmission shaft.2.Driven by the eccentric shaft bush ,the cone crusher axis will move circlely ,which makes the mantle close or leave the cone from time to timeand then the materials will be crushed by continuously compacting, striking,and bending in the circle crushing cavity between the fixed and movable cone.3.After several time's repeating ,the materials will be crushed to the required size and then they will be discharged by the discharging opening.According to the categories can be divided into medical portable symons cone crusher and mining hammer.Hammer in discharging refers to the size of the content of more than 3 millimeter above 50% of total line feed machine.Extracorporealshoekwavelithotripsy extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (eswl), the advantage is that it is the treatment process and basic human patients penetration, and it's easy to accept treatment, high rate of tissue damage in clinical less, has been widely applied.Jaw crusher is to use two jaw slabs of materials, and bending coarse or in various kinds of materials.The crusher hammers crusher more fixed jaw plate and constitutive by moving jaw plate, when two jaw plate material is approaching, when two jaw plate leave less than the material discharging port of discharge block bottom.It is the movement of intermittent.This symons cone crusher machine for simple construction, reliable and can crush hard materials etc and are widely used in dressing, building materials, silicate and ceramic industrial sectors.Spinning back by cone crusher is broken in the shell of the cone to within the cavity of material movement, splitting extrusion, and bending, crushing various hardness of large crushing ores or rocks.With the top of the broken cone bearing spindle in central beam, the lower bushing is placed within the eccentric hole in the sleeves.Sleeves rolled around, crushing machine for eccentric symons cone crusher centerline to exercise its continuous movement is broken, so work efficiency than jaw crusher.Until the early 1970s, large cycles per hour already can deal breakers material 5000 tons, maximum diameter to 20 mm.Cone crusher, has simple structure, stable performance, easy and convenient maintenance fault, great capacity of production, high efficiency, high quality, and have many fine crushing cavity in the form of double insurance, and hydraulic control system so as to symons cone crusher, therefore, the lubrication is widely applied in the metal mines, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, construction industry, cement and sand industry etc.

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