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Teaching You How To Aviod Rust Of Crushers

There is one problem that makes enterprise headache: when there are both water and oxygen on the steel surface it is easy to rust.Rust is a kind of corrosion occurs on the surface of the steel, which every year cost a lot.When there are both water and oxygen on the steel surface it is easy to rust.Rust is a kind of corrosion occurs on the surface of the steel, which every year cost a lot.Shanghai esong crusher manufacturer remind many customers that crusher corrosion can cause production stop, production failure, production, overproduction and waste huge repair costs, equipment premature replacement, and even personal security risks.To prevent your crusher rusting, shanghai esong professional crusher manufacturer introduce the following measures to the majority of users: 1, during the crusher storage or seasonal shutdown period, your should run the machine for at least 5minutes at least once a month in order to ensure correct lubrication bearing.2, if the flywheel has been removed from the eccentric shaft, the contact surface between the flywheel and the shaft should be coated with preservatives.3, if the jaw body is removable from the frame, the seal should be coated with enough oil to prevent debris from entering the bearing seat.4, crusher and the removed parts should be stored in a solid support to prevent directly contact with the ground.5, when pick out the crusher from the repository, you should check the painting and repair it according to the need.Before assemble the crusher, you should be removed the preservative from all contact surfaces.Hongxing remind it is necessary to implement the protective measures, otherwise, the moisture condensing will cause the contact surfaces of the roller bearing inner ring and outer ring contact rust.When the crusher running and operating, the bearing without properly lubrication will soon become rough, which will decrease the service life of the bearing.We are the professional manufacturer of stone crushing line, sand making equipment, ore dressing equipment.Our crushers, rod mills, magnetic separators have all passed iso9001:2000.Mineral resources for human life service china's energy mineral resources are relatively abundant, but the structure of these types of resources is not ideal.The proportion of coal resources is relatively large while that of petroleum and natural gas resources is small in comparison.Mineral resources are natural resources for mankind's survival,it is the important raw material of most industrial products, but it is also non-renewable limited resources.As the investigation mining technology and mining equipment has been lagging behind present, china is not fully rational utilization of mineral resources.With the low-carbon era, green theme promotes the development of circular economy, china introduces the measure of resource integration and other measures to ensure the rational utilization of mineral resources.Mining excavators, loaders, hole drilling,crushing machine, crushing station and other mining machinery will face new opportunities and challenges.The total mineral resources in china is rich with species range, but the per capita is less than the world average.The quality of mineral resources is bad.The geographical distribution is uneven.The large, very large mining and opencast mining are seldom.The utilization rate is insufficient.The mineral smelting technology drop behind.China's iron ore, manganese ore, chromite, copper, bauxite and other important minerals are in short supply or lack of proven reserves, most of the important mineral depend on foreign imports.Hc construction machinery net analyzes the status of distribution of domestic mineral resources, and pay attention to build the authority of the brand's 'mining machinery column,' and will be carry out on march 22, the introduction of the column provides good communication and exchange platform for the mining machinery business.The region is also leading in its output of some key mineral products and non-ferrous metals among its major industrial products.The region's output of nickel, mercury accounts for 99%, 84% and 72% respectively, of china's total output, while that of phosphorus deposits, aluminum and natural gas accounts for nearly 50% of the country's total output.The output of other mineral products, however, only accounts for a small proportion of china's total output.The western region of china cone crusher has a rather vulnerable ecology.Eco-deterioration is emerging in the loess plateau, the south-western karst mountainous area and the desert area.Environmental protection is therefore crucial when exploiting mineral resources in this region.Magnetic separator:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/60.Html vibrating screen:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_56.Htmlrotary kiln:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_38.Html.

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