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Technical Analysis Of Fuzzy Control Of Ball Mill

The steel ball grinder has been widely applied in the domestic and foreign heat-engine plants, however, there still exit some problems that are badly in need of resolution in its using process, for example, it is difficult to realize automatic control for the whole powder manufacturing process and operating in the best state is even more difficult.The powder manufacturing system in the ball grinder is a controlled station that has such characteristics as multivariable time lag and coupling and time varying, but the existing control system is a regulating system that has three sets of independent routine pid so that it is difficult to take a comprehensive consideration to the specific features of the powder production system, for example, it cannot eliminate the mutual interference between the return circuit or overcome the large time lag and varying.In addition, because there exists pressure difference in the entrance and exit of the machine and the vibrating signal is influenced by the types, nature of the coal and the overload of the balls, the signals cannot reflect the coal reserves inside the grinding equipment, for this reason, it is extremely difficult to adjust the overload and the relevant automatic regulating system exits in name only.Even though the operational personnel control it manually, it often occur that surveillance negligence leading to positive pressure, coal leakage and blockage and adjusting to the best economic state is even more difficult which will cause high energy and cost consumption in the powder manufacturing process.There are a lot of input and output variables in the powder production system of the ball mill.If design the whole controls system as the whole and control in a multivariable way, the whole design process and the control algorithm will be very difficult.For this reason, we will have to divide it into several relatively independent subsystems according to its specific features.First of all, by analyzing the dynamical property of the ball mill, the warm and cold blast rate has prominent influences on the entrance negative pressure and exit temperature, so that we can treat this process as a 2x2 multivariable object, and the two input quantity are hot wind control valve aperture and cold wind control valve aperture, and the two output variables are entrance negative pressure and exit temperature.In allusion to the multivariable object our company designs a multivariable fuzzy control system.In addition, because the load of the ball mill is a relatively independent system, the biggest problem of this system is the regulated variable cannot be precisely predicted so that the closed-loop control system cannot work normally.Directing at this feature, we put up with a optimum self-adaption open-loop control method based on the principle of minimizing the electricity consumption so that we can avoid the measurement of the workload of the grinder, thus making sure the whole powder manufacturing system can work in a energy-saving state.As a professional grinding crushing machine such as rotary kiln manufacturing company, i believe you can always trust us in providing you with the excellent products and the best services.Ball mill:http://www.Hx-china.Com/14.Htmlrotary kiln:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/28.Html.

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