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Technical Improvement Of Redstar Vibrating Screen

With the wider and wider application of the screening machines in the ore dressing plants, the manufacturing technology of this equipment is also being improvement with each passing day, and the next is the improvement points of this device by hongxing machinery.(1) new vibrating motor.The original vibrating motor for the fine screening equipment is skinned by aluminum alloy; the motor is installed in the middle of the machine so that the exciting force can never be adjusted.The structure of this motor is very complicated and the accuracy requirement for the spare parts is very high.In addition, it has a lubricating system so that the cost of the equipment increased significantly and any discrepancy of the processing accuracy will have influences on the product quality which makes the quality of the product is not very stable.After great market research, we introduced the new vibrating motor that is manufactured in our country with japan technology.This kind of motor has the advantages such as high frequency, advanced technology, reasonable structure, and good performance, low cost and easy and convenient maintenance.With so many advantages, it has been widely applied in electricity, building, coal, mining, metallurgy, chemistry and casting industry and also enjoys great popularity in foreign countries.(2) improvement of ore feeding machine.Whether the ore pulp can be evenly distributed on the screen face after it goes through the ore feeding machine directly influences the screening effect and processing capacity and the service life of the screening equipment.For this reason, we have made significant improvement to the ore feeding equipment: a.Improve the guidance of ore in turn angle and divide the plate size was improved, making it more reasonable, gives the ore more even, and the screen surface more little impact.B.Divide the feeding machine into upper and lower part so that it can be easily dismantled and managed, maintained and changed.(3) improvement to the rubber spring.The rubber spring is one of the advanced technology that the fine vibrating screen adopts and also one of the main parts of the machine.It plays the connecting role to the vibrating part and the non-vibrating part and suffers the weight of the equipment and the exciter force that the machine requires when it is running.On one hand, it has to ensure the strength, and on the other hand, it also needs to make sure that the vibrating force does not rotate to the machine shelf as little as possible.For this reason, we cooperate with the rubber company and adopt imported rubber materials with high levels and carefully design and manufacture rubber spring with excellent performance.(4) improvement on other parts.The expert of hongxing machinery specially designed a built-for-purpose tool for changing the screen cloth which is called spring compress pincer.When the customers change the screen cloth, they will only need to press the spring in order to loose the cloth which is very convenient.Hongxing machinery has always led in the mining machinery manufacturing industry; the machines such as ore beneficiation are well received by the customers.Vibrating screen:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_56.Htmlore beneficiation:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/63.Html.

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