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Technical Superiority Of Impact Crusher

Henan hongxing is an manufacturer of crushers, the crushers has many types and applied in many field.Hammer crusher is the coarse crushing machine; impact crusher can be called as the fine crusher.Rock crushing plant the following gives a brief introduction of impact crusher main technical superiority than the hammer crusher: the spare part replacement simple maintenance costs less the impact crusher on rotor only 6 just installed plate hammer, with special tools can be convenient to the plate hammer change, change a plate hammer of only one flight time.The bottom of the great change grinding chamber grinding is only need dozens of minutes, greatly reduce the maintenance and maintenance of time and money.And hammer crusher hammers as many as more than 100 only, the replacement of a hammer spend a lot of time and manpower, repair and maintenance cost is higher.The bottom screen panel change is also trouble.2.The wear parts than hammer crusher is small, metal utilization rate the impact crusher plate hammer wear only appear in towards the material side.As the rotor speed normal,ball mills,ball mills and other machines are the stone crushing equipment, feeding will fall to plate hammer surface (summarized), on the back side of the plate hammer and shall not be wear.Even if is to confront the material this side wear are few.And bottom grinding bar is easy to change.The impact crusher plate hammer metal utilization rate as high as 45%-48%.And a hammer crusher hammers overhang state, wear occurred last, before and after profile, relative to the plate hammer head wear more serious, hammer metal utilization only 25% or so.Plasma and turn itself can be influenced by wear.Hammer crusher sieve bottom by wear serious influence, the grille to all changed, and the change of the sieve work also is more complex.3.Can be easily adjusted flexibly the grain-size, artificial sand washer,artificial sand washer,sand making machine and other machines are the main ore dressing equipment on the market.Belt conveyor,belt conveyor and other machines are the sand making equipment, and the adjusting range is extensive counterattack type hammer apparatus can through a variety of means adjusting the grain-size, such as the rotor speed adjustment, adjust back plate and grinding chamber clearance, etc.Clearance adjustment can be through the mechanical or hydraulic type on the adjustment, the hydraulic governing system can easily through the on-site operation button or yuncheng control system to accomplish the clearance adjustment.Hammer crusher and adjust the grain-size can only by changing sieve bottom realization 4.The impact crusher applies to both soft material also applies to the very large hardness materials the impact crusher plate hammer the mechanical clamping firm structure is scheduled for rotor, when with the rotor turns of great inertia.Relative to hammer crusher (hammer a trailer state), the impact crusher rotor are more momentum, and adapt to the more solid material broken, are also a low power consumption 5.Can effectively deal with moisture content larger stores, prevent crusher blocking phenomenon in the treatment of the material moisture too big when, the impact crusher chute and the feeding back plate can be equipped with heating device, prevent the adhesive of the material.The impact crusher need not equipped with bottom plate can effectively prevent the jam phenomenon.And hammer crusher cannot use the heating way prevent the adhesive of the materials, and shall be equipped with the bottom screen panel, increased the possibility of jam.Hot products:artificial sand washer:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/sand-maker.Htmlartificial sand washer:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/sand-maker.Html.

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