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Technological Management Of Ore Beneficiation

Hongxing machinery sells ore dressing equipment, so we have a lot of opportunity to contact ore dressing equipment manufacturing companies, including the management personnel, personnel and so on.During the contact and communication, we realize the importance of a problem, which is management work of this production line because it plays a very important role in the whole concentrator management.For this reason, to complete the processing technology work is the necessary work to guarantee the normal dressing production and is the important guarantee to improve the economic benefits.A company should actively carry out the principle of "more crushing but less grinding" or "replacing grinding with crushing", try to decrease the granularity of the finished material and strictly control the granularity of the ore that goes into the first stage.In the actual production, a company should try to give the crusher full play, reduce the granularity of the crushed products to 15mm or even below 12mm, in this way, you can decrease the energy consumption significantly, and at the same time improve the processing capacity of the ball mill and the economic benefits will be outstanding.The metal balance work quality is an important standard of measuring the production management and technical management work, so a company should strengthen the training, education and management of the technical inspection personnel, strengthen measurement, sampling, processing and testing work; it should conduct a actual metal balance every month, find out the flow of metal loss and the reasons, and take effective measures to improve it, make theory recovery rate and the actual recovery difference to meet requirements.To do well the daily production and technological management should constantly dig the production potential, increase production, quality and recovery, and constantly refresh various technical and economic index, reducing equipment accident, improve the environment protection and manufacture in a safe, highly efficient, civilized way.Establish various technical management systems.Regularly check the ore beneficiation process flow or often, timely discover process problems and the weak link in order to take actions to improve or organize research.Generally mill float workshop each a year and a half to two years should be a process the examination, broken mine every 2 ~ 3 years workshop arrange time process test, but also according to the production problems, temporary arrange to local or the examination process.To the production water to conduct regular testing and analysis and water quality contrast impact crusher experiment, so as to guide dressing production.According to production practice, clear the ball within the ball mill, remove broken ball, add a new ball to ensure effective filling rate.To sum up, technological management is the necessary condition of making sure normal production and the important guarantee of improve the economic benefits.Ball mill: http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_34.Htmlore beneficiation: http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/n28.Html.

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