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The Advantages Of Modular Conveyor Systems

Attaining the highest number of products in the shortest amount of time possible is on every production facility's priorities.Besides boosting the profits, it also allows satisfaction of demand hence gaining the upper hand over competition.With this in mind, the efficiency and productivity of a company can only be defined by the type of equipment and fixtures put in place.Technology is indeed a factor that comes into play when deciding on the equipment to put in place and for production facilities, modular conveyors serve as the ideal processing equipment and here are a few reasons why.Flexibility: modular conveyor systems consist of interlocking units that are simply referred to as modules which facilitates its name.Their lego-blocks like nature, allows fast and simple assembly or dismantling of the system to match the processing requirements as per preferred.Longevity and durability are factors that are enhanced in modular systems and some systems even go a bit further in offering impact resistance features.A typical unit comprises of the frame, a motor, the belt and sensors for automation purposes.Such flexibility is indeed vital for production facilities as it saves on costs which would have been otherwise used to purchase extra conveyors.Time is also of the essence in the production realms and modular systems indeed save a lot on time thanks to their mobility and fast dismantling or assembly mainly for transportation.The system can easily make turns of up to 180 degrees besides allowing a variety of configuration settings.Automation and intelligence: what can these systems not do? the list of opportunities is endless while using modular conveyors as they facilitate a seamless processing unit which is not only easy to configure but to engineer as well.Once the preferred tasks are set, the system efficiently performs a variety of tasks including double checking products for authenticity, counting the units produced and packaging as well.This significantly reduces the labour costs of a plant besides boosting its efficiency generally.The automatism in modular conveyors reminds most of robotics.Maintenance; maintaining modular conveyors can be quite easy especially if you stay equipped with the necessary spares to avoid time loss.Besides taking a short time during repair, they rarely succumb to the pressures associated with processing plants.It is however advisable to always stay vigil through daily routine check-ups to avoid damage and necessary action before anomalies arise.You may decide to keep a professional engineer on stand-by or simply train available personnel on the basics.Always keeping a record and audit of the maintenance checks can go a long way in identifying the required parts on time besides allowing you to tackle the risks in advance.This saves the processing plants a lot in losses that would have been incurred in the case of a breakdown.Downside; modular systems may be referred to as delicate compared to their predecessors and this is mainly because most of them cannot handle loads exceeding 15 pounds.This means that they are mainly ideal for light applications such as post offices and airports among others.

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