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The Benefits Promised By Used Hardinge Ball Mill

Harlow hardinge noticed that rocks of different sizes move at different rates down an inclined surface.This observation led to his development of conical ball mills, wherein the grinding media organized from coarse to fine within the mill, creating grinding efficiencies previously unknown.Today, the term "hardinge mill" refers to any cylindroconical ball mill, made in sections with a flattish cone at feed end followed by a cylindrical drum, and finishing with a steep cone leading to the discharge trunnion.These "tricone mills" have wedge-shaped liners in the drum section that form a gentle conic frustrum widest at the feed end.Hardinge gained an important reputation in 1910 when the calumet and hecla copper mine in michigan installed 64 of his open-circuit mills and experienced unprecedented rates of recovery.Afterwards, the hardinge company also made many cylindrical mills, in the style of denver ball mills.Hardinge and denver became fierce competitors in the market for ball mills and other mining equipment.They often submitted competing articles to mining journals and placed advertisements in trade publications claiming their superiority.This competition led to many innovations for increasing efficiency and reducing costs.Today's market for metals is very cyclical.When prices go up, mines want to start up or expand more quickly than orders for new ball mills can be fulfilled.Hence, there is a robust market for used ball mills, with many vendors competing for used ball mills from shuttered facilities.The competition assures the customer of a good price, substantially less than a new mill, with the added benefit of faster delivery.Ball mills are very tough machines.Properly maintained, they can easily outlast the working life of a mine.Sometimes larger companies centralize a ball mill facility to receive ore from several sources.More often, the expense of moving ore any distance will offset the benefit.Hence, used ball mills are often available at mine sites that have quit producing.Ball mills are also used in the chemical industry for fine grinding, as with pigments for paint, or for combining chemical admixtures, for instance for fireworks.These used ball mills can be repurposed for grinding ore sometimes with as little refurbishment as a new liner.

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