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The Best Way To Select And Utilize A Feed Grinder

Feed grinders, primary element in the feed machine, have great relevance in agricultural production.There are several types of feed grinders, and now i will give a short introduction to those devices and their usages.Oppositely rolling roller crusher is a grinder using two cylinder grinding rollers which are running in relative rotation for cutting and grinding the feeds.These grinders are mostly applied in the mill industry of wheat.And the feed mill industry tends to use them for the 1st working procedure of secondary crusher.Flat-hammer mill is one sort of grinder applying hammers running at high speed for shattering the feeds.Gear claw disintegrator, using hocks rotating at high speed to crush the feed, enjoys the merits like small volume, light weight, fine particle size and high rotating speed.When scouting for the feed grinders, you need to first confirm the product model as per the number with the project items.And then you can pick the specific product according to the quality, price and the supply of components.Finally you need to check the appearance, accessories, manuals and certifications.The feed grinders need to be fixed on the cement foundation if you have to use it for a long term.And if you change their working place frequently, you need to fix the grinders and the motor on the engine base made of angle iron.If the grinder is powered by diesel, the power from the two really should be in match with one another.In other words, the power in the diesel engine needs to be a bit higher than that of the grinder.What's more, their grooved pulleys in the belt need to be in line and the exterior end faces in the pulleys need to be located in the same plane.Check every fastener after finishing installation from the feed grinder and if find any loose component, fasten it tightly.And then check the degree of tightness and whether the motor reel is in the same plane with the crusher shaft.Before starting the feed grinder, check the hock, hammer plate and rotor by rotating the rotor by hand.And check whether the rotor turns in the same direction with the arrow on the device and whether the motor and the grinder are well lubricated.You'd better not change the pulley frequently in order to avoid explosion of grinding room due to the machine's considerably high rotating speed.Put the feeds in the grinder after it idles 2 to 3 minutes without any breakdown.Pay wonderful attention to the grinder's operating situation and put the feed evenly in order to avert the blocking with the stuffy car.And make sure that the grinders do not work overtime or in overloaded condition.If find there are vibrations, noises, high temperature of the bearings and the grinder, and some feeds sprayed outside, you need to stop the feed grinder and start work only after all the troubles are cleared.

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