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The Causes Of Damage To The Conveyor Belt And Remedies

After the conveyor belt has been used for a certain period of time, the conveyor belt may be damaged due to continuous conveyance for a long period of time or due to improper use by the operator, which may result in lower conveying efficiency and more serious damage to the machine.Therefore, it is necessary to understand the cause of the damage of the belt, which not only helps to improve the transportation efficiency, but also effectively protects the conveyor.The following sections summarize some of the causes of tape damage to give you a reference.1.Unsuitable baffle length.The length of the baffle should not be too short.If the length of the baffle is insufficient, the tape may be damaged.Therefore, the length of the baffle should be properly adjusted and extended as much as possible until the material on the belt is gradually stabilized during transport.2.The spacing between the conveyor baffle and the conveyor belt is not suitable.A suitable spacing can effectively ensure that the baffle does not cause damage to the bag.Therefore, in order to avoid the spacing is not suitable, the side of the baffle that fits the running direction of the belt should be tightly contacted with the belt, and then the interval between the baffle and the belt should be gradually increased until it is adjusted to the proper position.3.The direction in which the material falls is opposite to the direction in which the tape runs.If the feeding method is not correct, there will be a lateral force that causes the conveyor belt to run off and the belt to be aggravated by wear.Therefore, in order to shorten the service life of the belt, it is necessary to make the feeding direction appropriate.4.The conveyor uses a baffle with an unsuitable material.Some conveyors use a harder baffle and the belt is subject to severe wear.5.Unsuitable material blanking angle and speed.The blanking angle should not be too large, otherwise the material will not bounce when it falls on the conveyor belt.In addition, the speed of the blanking should be the same as the running speed of the belt, so as to avoid the instantaneous slippage of the material on the conveyor belt.6.Something sticks to the lower roller, or the lower roller does not rotate or the adjustment is not suitable.If this is the case, the conveyor and conveyor belt should be cleaned as soon as possible and a rubber sleeve should be installed on the return roller or repaired.

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