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The Common Faults Of Cement Ball Mill

The ball mill is important grinding equipment in cement production technology.Its function is to grind the lump objects into fine powder to increase the specific surface area.According to the research to several cement factories, hongxing company here shares the ball mill common faults and its handling methods in one of the cement factories.Common faults one: electric machine stator coil surface breakdown solutions: the air surrounding the material ball mill system contains large amount of ferrous dust which after some time will adhere to the stator coil.When the ferrous dust accumulates to certain thickness, it will lead to the short circuit and electric discharge of the coil surface.If that happen often, the insulating layer of the coil will be destroyed and the strike hire will be broken down.That happened once when starting the ball mill and there was no spare electric motor.After analysis carefully and according to the car can work without jar, instantly cut the broken coil and made scientific protection measurements, then started the ball mill and operated a month until the new electric motor was installed.Common faults two: the speed reducer emits heat suddenly.Solutions: the inspectional analysis shows that the speed reducer of the clinker ball mill emitting heat suddenly is caused by the cooling system.As the silver industrial water is of high alkalinity and much mineral matter, and the clinker is of high temperature which makes the temperature around the speed reducer relatively high, the cooling water forms a large amount of scale deposits, depositing on the inner wall of coil pipe, in the process of cooling.Thus the water getting through the coil pipe decreases rapidly and the heat produced by the speed reducer can't be exchanged in time which leads to the heat emitting.The solution made by bailing is that clean the scale deposit on the inner wall of coil pipe first; then disconnect the production water supply, deposit, filter, and cool the cooling water in the cooling barrel; at last send the water to the coil pipe for the speed reducer cooling.It's of perfect effect.Its principle is the water in the cooling barrel can reach to more than 70 degree and under the high temperature the scale deposit forms in advance and the water is filtered before it moves into the coil pipe which means the water is softened.Mobile crusher : http://www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/25.Htm jaw breaker : http://www.Best-crushers.Com/jawcrusher.Htm impact crushing machine : http://www.Crusher-export.Com/impact_crusher.Htm.

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