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The Competition Gradually Evolves Industrial Chain

Director general of electro-mechanical division of department of commerce and vice-director of chinese electro-mechanical imports and exports office, wang huaqin said that: we shall put more effects in the introduction, absorption and innovation of key projects, critical fields, key technology and common technique.And transform from the import of technical equipments to introduce more technology cooperation, transfer and joint production in the national major equipment project such as, railway, electric power, energy, environment protection etc.In the recent year, although our electro-mechanical equipments import volume is rising, our independent innovation abilities are not strong and technology absorption is weak.From the status supplied by department of commerce, domestic electro-mechanical equipments manufactures patent in the overseas market only account for less 1% of the whole world.And exports volume of the brand equipments is very little.Wang qinhua expressed that we shall support the policy of business driven by technology, take advantage of the innovation base role, push forward the transform of high and new technology industries from assembly processing to independent innovation, and improve the value-added and key competition of high and new technology industries.We shall build up an industrial cluster with strong international competitiveness, covering industries such as advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, environment protection and energy.With the high degree of economic globalization and the increasingly competitive market, the individual enterprise competition gradually evolve industrial chain and industrial cluster competition.China machinery industry must play the advantages (host enterprise with large scale, quantity of parts production enterprises), integration resource and promote the optimization and upgrading of mechanical industrial structure.Henan hongxing as the professional manufacture of mining machinery, fully realize the importance and necessity of industrial cluster development.Drying equipment should strength industrial chain construction, form industrial clusters and establish industrial base, which is helpful to improve the overall competitiveness and is beneficial to the resources integration.Spiral classifier, dryer machine and other sand maker should reduce dispersible layout and repeated investment which can resist the risk and share the information.It is also helpful to reduce transportation cost and establish modernized production management mode to realize the zero inventory management.To attract the foreign investment and the introduction of technology and capital, to develop modern manufacturing services and promote the cooperation and structure optimization.Mechanical industry has long industrial chain and high correlation degree, which is suitable for cluster development.Stone production line : http://www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/stone-crushing-plant.Htmlsand maker : http://www.China-crusher.Com/sand-maker3.Htmlmagnetic drum separator : http://www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/17.Htm.

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