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The Development Gap Between China Sand Maker And Foreign Sand Maker

Major domestic and overseas vsi sand machine manufacturers of for the products of performance, guochanji and major foreign company product is the gap between the full range of, mainly displays in the fool customer service customer service,cement rotating dryer especially before the selection service.Most of the domestic manufacturers of products development at present, the foundation is generic, often "do not seem the give an account concerning this disorderly gathering".And for different customers due to a lack of experimental data, often with changeless should.Produce the same machine, using different customers effect is not the same.Customer's broken the defects of the screening system will also affect the use of machine of sand.For example: when the system configuration except not iron, iron piece into will damage the machine, when the system for partial more than the allowable value, can cause is not functioning.When feeding contains too much moisture, wearing parts will aggravate wear.When feeding cannot adjust, the in homogeneity of the machine will influence the sand effect and so on.These customers must pay attention to matters; domestic manufacturers often cannot as their foreign counterparts that, in the customer when selection details, and also damage the reputation of domestic vsi sand machine.The product specification and performance in product specifications and the operational performance, especially in the large machine.The large size of foreign and domestic biggest sand machine manufacturing specifications compared.In product large-scale differences, it is design level, manufacturers ability and domestic fittings performance (such as bearing), and other aspects of the comprehensive reflection.For example: turn the plasma on the cone ring tighten the positioning.In high speed running in any loose cannot, in the name of 600 mm diameter size when its fluctuation cone concentricity tolerance hongxing heavy industry design of 0.02 mm, these one design requirements of processing capacity of the manufacturer is a test.The machine service life of impact crusher service life originally than other types of crusher is low,rock crushing plant,rock crushing plantand other machines are the stone crushing equipment, cement rotary kiln,cement rotary kiln,cement rotary kiln and other machines are the main ore dressing equipment on the market.Such as jaw type, tapered type, etc.And the vertical shaft impact type and impact than horizontal type more severe operating conditions.Therefore, the service life of the machine parts, it is the lifeline of the sand machine manufacturers in the use of similar conditions, and parts of life a controls.Working condition: pebbles through second broken and screening, with 5 ~ 30 mm feeding, the impeller is for 900 mm, speed for 60 m/s, moisture content is few, motor power 160 kw, because the material is different, shapes, and of different parts service life large gap,impact crusher for sale,impact crusher for sale and other machines are the sand making equipment, and import parts for expensive, so the performance on domestic and foreign products and price than is close to spare parts.Insist on innovation development of a new vertical shaft impact crusher in vertical shaft type impact crusher (the sand machine) work, speed is the effect of vertical shaft impact crusher quality, efficiency and service life of important factors, but the effect is not always as broken the speed increase and improve, high speed also exacerbate the lord cast material wear of the head, the serious influence crusher service life.The simulation analysis showed that 1400-1500 r/min, and 1600-1750 r/min is the lord cast material force equilibrium head, can obtain the smooth running of the rotor speed interval; in addition, in order to comprehensively broken both crusher quality, efficiency and service life, reduce the maximum impact value and frequency is vital, therefore not only need to consider the rotor structure and related parameters optimization, and analyzes the effect of particle size uniformity of incoming material.For the rocks and the lord cast material of the head of a major collision of certain areas is also very important.Hot products:impact crusher for sale:www.China-crusher.Com/impact-crusher.Htmlcement rotary kiln:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/rotary-kiln.Html.

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