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The Development Of Coal Gangue Crusher

Coal gangue brick is of great significance to improve the utilization efficiency of energy resources and the ecological environment.As one of the solid waste during the industrial production of coal, the discharging amount of the coal gangue is huge.Along with the increasing national energy consumption, the discharging of the coal gangue continue to increase, the country has called on and encouraged the use of industrial waste to produce wall materials, the coal gangue as the resources available has been developed in the brick industry.Coal gangue crusher has important realistic meaning and historic significance to improve the energy using efficiency and improve the ecological environment.Compared with the general building brick, the brick made of coal gangue after crushing by crusher has made the cost greatly reduce, it also reduces the wastage in the transporting because of its high hardness.More importantly, using coal gangue brick instead of clay brick can not only reduce the pollution on the land and water resource because of the piled coal gangue waste, turn waste to treasure producing more hard refractory bricks used in construction, but also save the land resource of clay.Therefore, it is an important project benefiting the country and the development of circular economy.The process producing coal gangue brick generally as the describing as following.Coal gangue stone will mixed after crushed by crusher, and then matured and into the mold and dried, finally baking to bricks.The process requires using appropriate fine crushing technology.Dsmac has produced the new coal gangue crusher to promote the production of coal gangue.Nowadays, the coal gangue brick technology is becoming more and more advanced, the requirements on coal gangue crushing granularity are increasingly high.The new fine pdv impact crusher of dsmac machinery is one of the crushing machinery specifically for small particle ore.Dsmac has been adhering to the producing concept of "quality first", we try seriously to be a creator of high-quality relying on the wisdom.Firstly, before use a jaw crusher, you should check whether there is foreign matter in the crushing cavity.If there are some foreign matter, it is necessary to timely clear them up and then start the machine, otherwise it will cause damage to a jaw crusher because of the excessive load when starting the motor.Secondly, the biggest taboo of a jaw crusher is the nonuniform feeding in the process of feeding, especially when the feeding quantity suddenly increase, it will burn the motor because of excessive loads.Even though the motor wasn't burned, it will still increase the wear of a jaw crusher for long-term high load operating and it will also reduce the service life of the machine of the jaw crusher.Thirdly, when it needs to stop production, it must stop feeding at first and then stop the operation of the jaw crusher.If you stop running at first, it will make large amount of raw remain in the machine, which will cause damage to the machine parts.And it will also cause excessive load when starting the machine again.Lastly, you should keep high vigilance so that to find whether there is abnormal noise or other abnormal situations at the function of a jaw crusher.After discovering the abnormal situation, you should timely detect and repair, do not let the machine work with abnormal situation.

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