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The Difference Between Mcf Coarse Powder Mill And Xzm Ultrafine Mill

Coal gangue isa hard kaolinite, also known as kaolin, is the non-metallic mineral resources accompanied by coal.Because this kind of material as well brittleness is good, hardness is relatively not high, it is easy to broken with the crusher, and flour mill.Grinding process is simple and smooth, it is very suitable for investment in resource-rich areas.Grinding mill plant with our coal mill produces coal gangue, coal powder, activated coal gangue and spontaneous combustion coal gangue powder.Some artificial or spontaneous combustion mineral, through physical and chemical activation and fine grinding, form composite powder coal products.The compressive strength of these products is up to 80%, with significant ash effect, micro-filling effect and durability aggregate effect.These products are mainly used: 1.Cement.Activated coal gangue and spontaneous combustion coal gangue powder mix with fly ash to replace traditional cement admixture.2.Concrete: these products mix with fly ash to replace the coarse, medium aggregate (gravel, pebbles, etc.) used in the traditional concrete.The results show that: as long as the proper ratio and mixed with appropriate additives, calcined finely coal powder with admixtures can be prepared for high performance concrete.3.Additive, activator, curing agent, regulator 4.Thermal insulation products 5.Airport, reservoir, road and dam construction 6.Applies to pavers, grass brick, curbstone, river brick, block and stone culvert, road board, cement tiles, plates, pipes and other concrete products and prefabricated parts.In recent years, a lot of local area with resources gradually began to pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of coal, or even create the specialized incentives to encourage enterprises to buy related crusher equipments, milling machines.More and more solid waste are considered conversion for electricity, building materials, energy and other resources available to address long-standing environmental problems, coupled with the widely applications of coal powder, especially flagship paper, paint industry which is to be developed in the future, coal gangue development and utilization is quite optimistic.General coal crushing or grinding equipment requirements are relatively not high.Jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine can be easy to do the initial crushing for coal.Such as raymond mill, high pressure mill machine, trapezium mill, vertical milling machines and other mill equipments can grind them.According to the different areas of finished products, you can use super thin mill or medium-speed micro powder mill for ultrafine grinding.

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