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The Differences Between Roll And Spiral Sand Washer

The differences between roll and spiral sand washer in highway construction need a lot of gravel material as the asphalt mixture of aggregate, all kinds of gravel in addition to have certain gradation, still should dehydration, take off mud,single toggle jaw crusher take off all sorts of sundry.Especially when stone with soil pollution, can affect the adhesion of the asphalt, asphalt mixture and effect and its quality and durability of the paved roads.For in the methods of dealing with the earth stone there are usually two kinds: the first kind of method is before use will clean, dry stone or drying backup use;jaw crusher the second method is to use asphalt material or kerosene pretreatment, which is a very few (about 0.Shaking concentrator5 ﹪ ~ 0.8 ﹪) of liquid asphalt or kerosene c mixing in stone processing, make stone coated with a thin oil film, in order to ensure that the stone material and asphalt binder reliable.Use the first method commonly used stone cleaning equipment is spiral stone scrubber and roller washing machine of mine sand maker spiral wash stone machine can be cleaned the mud and sand separation sundry, their new seal structure, adjustable overflow weir board, reliable transmission device to ensure the effect of cleaning dehydration, and is suitable for the highway, water and electricity,jaw breaker construction and other industries.Spiral in stone scrubber tilt of the sediment basins formed decorate sink, spiral in the head in the traps, spiral by motor reducer slow down the drive screw rotation, the bottom sediment basins into clean water,screw classifiers thus finish cleaning, dehydration and grade three functions.Cylinder stone wash machine is used in the application of less than 80 mm) of the aggregate mud off work.Has the feeding large particle size, rinse aggregate can be lower than 0.5% hydraulic,mineral impact crusher water content below 2% advantages.Roller-type wash stone machine working principle: clean cylinder was four tug support, motor drive the speed reducer, gear drive clean cylinder size rotating speed.Contains mud stone group and the aggregate into feeding port from, into the rotation of the drum inside, be cleaning roller are installed in the certain angles wear-resisting rubber lining board constantly with a fall behind, since the discharge end to feed in the process of moving many times cycle, and be downstream or reverse flushing water rushed rinse washing, cleaning clean aggregate after unloading the sieve tube screening dehydration back out.The waste water containing sludge is through the material or the material with a hole baffle flow out.Hydraulic cone crusher:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/cone-crusher.Htmldryer machine:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/11.Htmsand making machine:www.Hxjq-crushers.Com/2.Htm.

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