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The Existing Problem In The Mining Machinery Industry

From the current domestic situation: as the gradual withdrawal of part policy to stimulate the economy,china cone crusher and the lasting impact of a serious of macro-control policies such as national policy to implement a proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, the turning point of national macroeconomic policies remains to be seen, the production and sales growth of china's mining machinery industry and the related products will have a relatively long process of swing back.From an international perspective: the world's doors open more to global engineering machinery enterprises,clinker rotary kiln chinese companies are entering an unprecedented period of strategic opportunities.Especially since the international financial crisis, the global mining machinery enters into an important development stage which requires making a new adjustment,sand making machine showing the new changes, and carries an important breakthrough.In the brazil, russia,china spiral classifier india, south africa and other bric countries the market demand for construction machinery market will continue to rise; there is also huge actual and potential market demand in the south america, cis, southeast asia, the middle east and africa and other developing countries.China dryers china's construction machinery will face the new development opportunities in the international market, but will also meet the tough market challenges.In addition,ore separating line the rising cost of material, the appreciation of rmb and the political instability of export market will vary affect the exports of mining machinery.Chinese enterprise should face up to the competition with the global forefront construction machinery company, make changes and transform the "the size of subject" competition model into "mobile impact crushervalue for centre" competition model.Chinese enterprises should attach great importance and correct understanding to the main problems in the mining industry: we must clearly recognize that the current market problems are temporary, is a developing problem, does not affect the long-term good of china's construction machinery industry; china's construction machinery industry is still a sunrise industry with high technology content and concentration of production.Future market demand is bound to the high-end, intelligent direction; the industry will be more standardized operation.The enterprises should pursuit the innovation development and meet the future market opportunities and challenges with an international vision.

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