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The Flowchart Of Ball Mill Equipment Installation

Ball mill is the key equipment for secondary grinding after the primary crush of the material.It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory matter, chemical fertilizer, ferrous and non-ferrous metal beneficiation and glass ceramic industries for dry and wet type grinding of various ore and other grindable material.Ball mill is applicable to grinding various ore and other materials and is widely used in mill run, building material, and chemical industry which can be divided into dry type and wet type grinding.It also can be divided into grid type and overflow type by different ore discharge ways.The flowchart of ball mill equipment installation: the enter of ball mill equipment – the acceptance checks of ball mill equipment – construction preparation – foundation bolt inbuilt – sizing block placement – equipment base (bearing block base) – foundation bolt hole potting – bearing block, main bearing installation – gearing, discharging end cap and barrel assembling – transmission shaft and pinion installation – micro-motion gearing device installation – shell liner and inlet & outlet lining plate installation – gear cover, inlet & outlet mouth, feeder, operating platform and other accessories installation – electrical control portion installation – equipment monomer empty debugging – ball mill loading test run.The main bearing installation of ball mill (1) determine the distance between the two bearing axis by drawings, construct according to the case size after the assembles of the barrel and both ends (take the corresponding bulge and shrink size into consideration).The distance allowance in operation is ±1mm。 (2) the surface elevation allowance of the both main bearing bases is 0.5mm with the discharge end lower than the feed end.(3) when the bearing block of the main bearing is installed onto the baseboard, the joint surface should be contact evenly with each other with the local interval no greater than 0.1mm, the segment length of the non contact surface boarder not exceeding 100mm, and the accumulated length not exceeding 1/4 of periphery overall length.(4) clean the contact surface of the main bearing and the bearing block, lubricate them and make them well contact and move flexible.(5) clean up the cooling waterway of the main brasses and pressure test under the pressure of 1mpa.The connections should be strictly sealed without any leakage.(6) the outline of platinum resistance thermometer pt-100 of the main brasses is determined by the practical situation on spot.(7) the installation of the main bearing lubrication system.The installation requirements are as follows: clean up all the spare parts, reliably connect all the pipeline joint to make sure no leakage.

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