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The Function Of Hand Percussion Instrument

Without music, the world will be quiet, because music, can make moods better and stimulate the human mind as a role in the story of life.There are many types of music, one of which is hand percussion.It is the music produced by hitting, beating, shaking, rubbing, vibrating with a tool, and using empty hands.Many people love to play with instruments.They can be played by anyone regardless of social status.In general, the benefits of music art in everyday life can be explained as follows.1.Music is useful for maintaining health and immunity music turned out to be therapeutic and healing.According to campbel, music can produce stimulants that are rhythmic.These stimuli are then captured by human hearing and processed in the nervous system of the body as well as the brain glands that reorganize the sound interpretation into the internal rhythm of the listener.This internal rhythm affects the metabolism of the human body so that the process progresses better.Better metabolism will result in the body being able to build a better immune system.With a better immune system, the body becomes more resilient against possible disease attacks.2.Music can improve intelligence this can happen because rhythmic stimulation can improve the working function of the human brain.The resulting internal rhythm of music makes the nerves of the brain work, the sense of comfort and calm that stimulated the music to make the function of the brain work optimally.If this is often done, the work function of the human brain will be more excellent, so the ability to think becomes more clear and sharp, and can prevent senility (alzheimer's).3.Music as a means of relaxation music can generate psychological reactions that can change mood and emotional conditions, so music is useful as a relaxation that can relieve stress, overcome anxiety, improve mood, and grow spiritual awareness.Awareness of the human nature that cannot be separated from the problem, the awareness of the existence of the power of the most perfect, resulting surrender to surrender to him.It is this surrender that can reduce and even eliminate the burdensome thoughts and feelings.The rhythmic stimuli produced by music can make the mind relax, as well as generate positive feelings, calm, comfortable, and optimistic and even happy.4.Music as a means and medium of communication between people music is useful as a means and medium of communication among people because music is a universal language capable of combining differences, creating peace, and humanitarian solidarity.History often records the role and benefits of music as a means of association and communication media that can be understood by everyone, even if they do not understand the language of each nation.In everyday life music often becomes a communication tool with loved ones, representing feelings of heart, expressions of longing and even anger.In every type of music percussion plays an important role.In marching band shows, percussion is used as a tempo keeper, and a beat that allows players to run simultaneously and in the same rhythm and speed.In classical jazz, listeners can immediately distinguish the type of rhythm from hi-hat or cymbal sound when the word "swing" is pronounced.In the more popular musical culture, it is almost impossible to name three or more rhythms of rock, hip-hop, rap, funk or even soul music because the percussion patterns do not have the same beat.Due to the wide variety of percussion instruments, it is not uncommon to find a large music ensemble with the whole instrument being played by percussion instruments.Rhythmic, melodic, and harmony all appear and live in the appearance, and it is often an interesting show.Hand percussion is an imitation of human biological chronicles because it can be seen from the heart's organs in every human being.Hand percussion can be linked to the heart is the forerunner of the pulse, which can be termed as a beat or a knock.The beat is filled with a rhythm that creates a rhythm like samba, bossa, rumba, swing and more.Sometimes we pound the table spontaneously, it's been called playing a light percussion.It can be said that this music culture is very potential to develop faster than other music.Hand movement in percussion exercises physical functions such as fingers, hands, arms and motor muscles in speech function.There are 3 hand percussion forces that we must know: 1.Auditory backflow on a particular movement the perfect tone and beat of music can stimulate positive thoughts so as to gain a sense of pleasure and musical satisfaction.2.Affective aspect and gain a motivation when someone succeeds and enjoys playing music, it can give a new motivation for a better life 3.Train mind memory rhythm and melody can train the minds memory.Here are some examples of hand percussion instruments like, djembe, cajon, dambuka, rainstick, darbuka, tambourine and others.After knowing the power of the hand percussion, surely you want to own one of these instruments.Bali treasures is a well-known specialist percussion instrument working with professionals.Raw materials come from the best and legal materials.The products are of the highest quality and have many kinds of products.Drum factory has it all.

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