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The Function Of Sf Flotation Machine Air Flow Rate

The air-flow rate of flotation machine can directly affect the efficiency and quality of products.The main factors affecting the flotation machine air-flow rate can be summarized as the following:1, flotation machine impellers and cover the gap: the gap, the inflation decreases, but the gap is too small will cause the impeller and cover the impact and friction, and inflation fell.More appropriate for the gap of 5 to 8 mm2, flotation machine into the plasma volume: when the slurry into the impeller center is the most appropriate, the inflated amount.However, into paddle excessive, when more than the production capacity of the impeller, the pulp will plug the air tube, breathing difficulties, inflatable decline.In addition, the circulation of the slurry of internal volume (ie,return from the loop hole on the cover to the pulp of the impeller cavity volume), the inflatable volume.However, the power consumption increases.3, flotation machine impellers the upper part of the pulp density: the higher the value,then acting on the impeller on the static pressure, impeller rotation resistance increases,small inflatable quantitative.4, the flotation machine (flotation machine) the number of revolutions of the impeller:impeller speed within a certain range, the inflated amount is also large, but the speed is too fast, impeller wear, power consumption, the slurry surface instability.In addition,some crisp ore is easy to produce mud phenomenon.The rotary motion of the flotation machine impellers into bubbles air granular and evenly distributed in the pulp, so that the mineral particles suspended contact with the bubbles, as well as the flotation reagent box full.Flotation machine is applicable for the separation of nonferrous metal and ferrous metal.It is also used for separating nonmetal, such as fluorite and talcum.The impellers are driven through v- belt transmission, which brings centrifugal effect to form the negative pressure.On the one hand, the flotation machine inhales sufficient air to mix with ore slurry; on the other hand it stirs ore slurry and mix with medication to form the mineralized froth.By adjusting the height of flashboard to control the liquid level and make the useful froth scraped by loam board.China vibrating feeder : http://www.China-crusher.Com/vibrating-feeder1.Htmlvibrating screen : http://www.Mine-crusher.Com/7.Htm.

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