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The Impact Crushers Development Prospect

Crusher is widely applied in mining, metallurgy, construction materials, chemical industry, water conservancy, transportation and other areas.With domestic infrastructure and the sustainable development of national economy, crusher industry has achieved vast market foreground, however, the competition between domestic and overseas crusher industry is increasingly fierce.The first priority for domestic crusher manufacturers is to improve the equipment quality and technical content if they want to narrow the gap with overseas advanced crushing level and seize the head start in the competitive tide.They should also create their own brands, initiatively capture more markets, and especially improve and perfect the development of impact crusher which has increasingly wide application.The diameter and gague length of rotor is the specified criteria for the classification of impact crusher.The typical differences between domestic and overseas products lie in two aspects: product design and wear-resistant materials.1.Product design:the principal machine quality of the same specification impact crusher is very similar, what makes the difference is the mass of the machine shell and rotor.The mass of impact crusher shell in domestic is large, while the impact frame mass of impact rotor is small.However, it is quite contrary as far as overseas impact crusher is concerned.Besides, the design of impact cavity, the adjustment of impact plate according to different granularity needs, and the replacement of impact blow bars, etc.Are also the obvious difference between domestic and overseas impact crusher.2.Wear-resistant materials:impact crusher is used for secondary and tertiary crushing.Impact blow bar, as its main wear-resistant part, is made by high-chromium iron.Domestic high-chromium iron is mainly applied to small size parts, and its quality control specification to large pats is incomplete, all of which lead to poor quality of impact blow bar and other wear-resistant parts.The service life of wear-resistant parts in domestic is shorter than that of overseas.We can simply draw a conclusion that the crusher manufacturers should enhance and improve impact crusher in the two aspects we have mentioned above in order to catch up with international level and have better development in the crushing industry.The pf-235v impact crusher manufactured by zhengzhou dingsheng engineering technology co., ltd is a kind of professional crusher for crushing large-scale stones, with an output of 1000-1500t/h.Its productivity ranks number 1 in china, and the second in the world, signifying china's crushing equipment has surpassed international level.

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