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The Influence Of Cone Crusher On Industry

2012 cone crusher industry status quo cannot be fathomed.On the one hand, the declining demand leads to business losses; on the other hand, the national policy planning supports the extension of industrial chain and the implementation of the transformation and upgrading, which has stimulated competition between crusher enterprises.But the infrastructure construction will expand the market demand for aggregate and reverse the situation of intensified competition in crusher industry.At present, to extend the industry chain and to promote enterprise upgrading have become a new profit growth point in the cone crusher companies.Companies also entered the downstream industry chain such as gravel and concrete.So the demands for rotary kiln, mobile crusher, impact breaker relate to cone crusher production and concrete materials increases.With the depth of energy saving and environmental protection and waste comprehensive utilization, the construction garbage crusher is increasingly needed in the processing of the materials of brick, sand tailings, slag, and calcium carbide slag crushing.And mobile crusher, dedicated slag crusher, tailings sand production line, waste crushing equipment will become a major research and development focus of crusher manufacturers.According to the prediction of relevant personnel, construction waste crushing equipment is expected to become the new darling of the crushing equipment in the next 3-5 years, and energy saving and environmental protection equipment draws more and more attention.With the rapid development of world economy, the social demand and scale of production of various metals, non-metallic, chemical, mineral, as well as cone crusher and building materials are widening.Crusher plays a very important role in its development and becomes the pillar equipment, and cone crusher as the key crushing equipment achieves good development.Ball mill:http://www.Hx-china.Com/14.Htmlrotary kiln:http://www.Hx-china.Com/19.Html the wave of the world economic crisis has passed and all the countries are moving to meet a beautiful spring.Mining industry is no exception.Various mining industry manufacturing enterprises have been belligerently ready to develop their own advantages and make their own company to succeed in more areas.So in the beneficial stage for the development of crushing industry, we mining machinery manufacturers should do the following.1.To innovative the equipment, to use efficient and energy saving equipment in order to raise labor productivity and reduce production costs.2.To improve scientific prospecting work and increase prospecting efficiency and results.3.To strive to improve the metal recovery, reduce mining dilution and loss rates and improve the comprehensive recycling.To enhance the technological content of products.4.To unify with the mining technology service unit and to jointly do a good job in the mining technological innovation and new project development.5.To spend certain amount of money train workers, work and improve their technical quality.Only when enterprises have a number of talents good at business techniques and specializing in modern management, and a large number of skilled workers, the enterprises could improve the management level and promote the progress of mining enterprises prospecting, mining, beneficiation and smelting technology.

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