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The Innovative Future Of Green Gold Mining Equipment

The mobile gold mining equipment designed by only a few mining equipment manufacturers were developed to process alluvial and hard rock based gold.When you are considering to perform hard rock mining, it is critical to have a final material size of 150-200 mesh.As a result of this grinding process, an extremely fine high value product such as gold will be created.Material as small as 5 microns will capture the high valued gold for this process.That is smaller than the size of a red blood cell.Mobile gold mining equipment provide an efficient and eco-friendly means of recovering gold and other precious metals including microscopic sized material using mechanical means, standing waves, skin effect, inertia, and most importantly specific gravity.This method is an efficient and non-toxic alternative to mercury and cyanide which are all used in the recovery of gold, tungsten, platinum, silver, copper, and many other precious metals.When factoring the other mining methods such as antiquated and in-efficient centrifugal concentrators, flotation cells, and amalgamation systems, they all can be replaced with environmentally safer to use green based mining solutions such as mobile gold mining equipment.The operation and use of this equipment differs quite widely from other concentration equipment.The flow of precious metals is in one direction and the bumping process is in the opposite direction.Micron sized gold and precious metal particles as small as 5 microns (approx.10,000 mesh) is possible.Inertia based table concentrating systems are a direct replacement for toxic leaching and mercury based mining equipment.Mining sites is more often located in remote regions of the world and will benefit from renewable energy power that allows mobile gold mining at the site without the need of grid supplied power or diesel power generation with a self-contained sustainable energy system.Processing of 2,2 metric tons to 5 metric tons per hour capability is a standard.Being sustainable energy powered, the mobile gold mining equipment can offer 24/7/365 off grid processing at 98% efficiency when operated correctly.Sustainable energy power processing cells are powered primarily by solar and wind energy that is stored within the latest in lithium-ion battery backup technology.Mobile gold mining systems should provide a diesel generation as a standby, allowing continuous production if the weather conditions your mining operations may be experiencing are bad.Mobile processing systems also can be configured in a low cost "grid -tied" version for locations that have a reliable grid or on-site power generation.When factoring the high costs of material transport and time required, the ability to process gold anywhere is a huge positive for mining companies.Mobile mining equipment allow for gold ore, alluvial gold, diamonds, and other precious metals and gemstones to be processed at the source.In today's environmentally aware society, extreme pressure is being applied to mining operations that use toxic chemical extraction methods including mercury or other hazardous chemicals such as cyanide that are currently being used in the recovery of precious metals.Mining companies worldwide are being pressured to clean their operations, provide a safe working environment, and most importantly stop polluting the soil and water surrounding their mines.Mining companies need to be just as concerned about ground contamination as is the general public.Most of all, governmental organizations need to recognize the hazards and adopt new technologies as a standard in the process of gold and precious metal mining within their country.

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