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The Installation And Adjustment Of Mix Type Floatation Machine

1, mix type floatation cell magnetic drum separator ① install sequence: install the head tub, and the increment of installation, finally installed slot tail ② tub before installation level measured in surveying and mapping apparatus based a level deviation, tub outfit to basis after, make each slot on both sides of the overflow weir into the same level, with level feet in different between the increment is looking for, and different thickness of the plate so the length and width of the direction in the direction of the level consistent, the length direction in total deviation should not exceed 3-5 mm, enters the material mouth, tub and tub, tub and realized the connection box all must not have leakage phenomenon, then tighten body are bolt.2, stirring mechanism of mix type floatation machine ① hollow shaft and impeller should be installed firm, impeller should ensure that the horizontal and vertical hollow shaft, and can't move up and down string ② impeller with the center hole should be false to, the deviation is not more than 3 mm mobile jaw crushers,mobile jaw crushers and other machines are the stone crushing equipment, ③ stator turning vane and the steady flow of false on board alignment, shall not stagger ④ impeller and stator radial, axial between the gap should guarantee in 7-9 mm, in the installation of impeller diameter from office take three measurements of its clearance equidistance, axial gap by adjusting to adjust the mat ⑤ transmission of reasonable installation should be moderate sanjiaodai, outfit v-belts before you motor and stirring shaft of the size of the installation on the pulley right, make level will again after sanjiaodai into sheave, adjusting the center distance, a tight v-belts.Turn motor continue to adjust v-belts, make in carrying load driver loose edge is slightly arc.⑥ installation v-belts wheel safety cover, ball mill,ball mill,belt conveyor and other machines are the main ore dressing equipment on the market.The safety cover a leg inserted into the pipe seat should be stable ⑦check motor rotation direction, impeller for clockwise, stirring institutions should be flexible rotation, no jam phenomenon.3, scraper institutions of mix type floatation machine ① installation scraper shaft, scraper frame, scraper rubber, and make scraper axis rotation,china impact crusher,china impact crusher and other machines are the sand making equipment, scraper jointing sheet and the gap between the overflow mouth consistent, not more than 5 mm, after a slot scraper and a slot before scraping board in turn stagger 30 ° ② scraper shaft center are all in the same line, and the adjacent the coaxial tolerance of two axis deviation is not more than 0.8 mm 4, liquid level control agencies of mix type floatation machine fixed liquid surface adjusting mechanism, make the agency in manual or automatic operation and flexible state, and in the design requirements within the scope of the lift 5, the installation of the disc institutions, should guarantee the flexible disc lift, and no leakage.6, in the mine of the installation of institutions, should guarantee the handwheel flexible rotation 7, the flotation machine after installation should be based on the design requirements to all lubricating points into all kinds of grease, and clean up the installation process fall into the tub of bolt, cotton cloth, foreign body.8, will the water filled the mouth to overflow, in not start mixing organizations, check installation level and whether the increment leakage phenomenon hot products:china dryers:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/dryer.Html.

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