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The Iron Ore Crushing Stands Out In Mine Machinery

At the tertiary process, the equipments are quite different from each other for the concentrating methods are different from each other.For example, iron ore producers can choose high-intensity magnetic separation; they can also utilize low-intensity magnetic separation method.Also gravity-separation method is ok.Because the principles of these methods are different, the machines used in iron ore concentrating process are quite different, too.Which method is ok for producers, it depends on the analysis and experiments.Beneficiation process should be as efficient, simple, such as grasp the development of energy-saving equipment, to the extent possible in the most appropriate process to achieve the best effects.In the concentrator, the crushing and grinding operations of equipment investment, production costs, power consumption and consumption of steel is often the largest proportion, so the calculation of crushing andgrinding equipment selection and operation management, good or bad, to a large extent determine the economic efficiency of the concentrator.5-5 mm of iron ore will be fed into the hopper, through the vibration motor vibration cloth, the fluxes through the hand wheel for precise adjustment.By dragging the magnetic roller speed motor, the speed of the speed to be adjusted by the speed table, magnetic separator can be controlled production and concentrate grade.Mineral particles by the magnetic roller conveyor is fed into the sorting, the magnetic particles of iron ore mines, was immediately attracted to the strong magnetic field on the magnetic roller, and the gangue particles (miscellaneous stone, sand) the absence of magnetic (magnetic weak), magnetic roller it does not produce magnetic suction, with the rotation of the magnetic roller, mineral particles has been sucked in the magnetic roller, while the gangue particles in the magnetic roller to the front position was thrown out in every mineral board in front of (across the mine by changing the size of the angle adjustable plate concentrate grade), mineral particles continue to be taken off the magnetic roller to automatically fall into one volume anthology to concentrate ore bucket to collect the finished product.Since the fall of the magnetic roller entrained gangue also some weaker magnetic mineral particles, they will continue to roll into the next magnetic separator, magnetic separation, after the selection of finished mineral particles into the second bucket to collect the finished mine, to be left the gangue by tailings discharge port, thus magnetic end of the process.Iron ore crushing machine should continue to develop, improve their technical level and performance advantages, not only reasonable for the use of iron ore to perfect the use of other mineral resources in the country also has a role in promoting.Period of rapid growth in the iron ore crushing machine, over the years to r & d and production of a variety of fine crusher equipment henan braun also learn to follow-up, equipment continue to improve and perfect step by step to improve its current reached a certain level of technology.In the critical period of development of the national steel industry, iron ore crushing machine to forever preserve its power for the use of iron ore for the steel industry to pave the way magnetic separator:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/25.Html stone crusher:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_11.Htmlvsi sand maker:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/18.Html.

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