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The Magic Master Dealing With Waste Materials

Henan hongxing mining machinery co., ltd.Manufacturing independent research and development of new construction waste disposal equipment - mobile crushing plant is operating.Transformation of urban construction in accordance with the possible 26.6 million tons of construction waste, construction waste a mobile crusher to day digest 800 tons of garbage calculated 100 mobile crusher construction wastes can be less than a year, digest all the buildings out garbage.Each year, the construction materials, according to rough estimates of loss, removal of 10,000 square meters for every old building, will produce 12,000 tons of construction waste 7,000, that is, urban transformation of the building each year will have a mountain of garbage.The utilization of construction waste, then save a lot of resources each year.One day can be able to digest the movement of 800 tons of construction waste crusher can digest the gravel directly to the brick factory as raw materials for production of bricks and other building materials.Over a 10-meter-long building garbage grinder is working.Of all shapes and sizes of waste bricks from mill entrance into the muck, after a crushing process, the exit becomes uniform size particles and sand stone.In the scene, after the machine processed the mixture of waste bricks and cement, after smashing into gravels, it can be used as raw materials for production of bricks.Hxjq can supply you many types of mobile crusher station such as jaw crusher series mobile crusher, cone crusher series mobile crusher, multi-crushing type mobile crusher and crawler type mobile crusher.Once you can effectively promote the construction waste the use of mobile crusher will save construction resources effectively to solve the city's thousands of tons of construction waste pollution, and to improve the living environment.For recent years, green is the eternal theme of social construction, in the global environment and the growing energy crisis situation, the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry is to accelerate the transformation of the development model, which is to promote sound and fast economic development the only way.In china manufacturers, the famous brand hongxing machinery has been dominated by state mining machinery advantage of domestic high-end market.Hongxing thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, intensify reform efforts, accelerate the pace of development, enhancing independent innovative capability and vigorously promote innovation-based economy and environment-friendly enterprise development, to explore a world bothe color with the economic development of the road, promoting to change the way development to achieve the sound and rapid development.Mobile crusher:http://www.Hxjqchina.Com/product-list_21.Htmljaw crusher:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/1.Htmlcone crusher:http://www.Hxjq-crusher.Com/.

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