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The Main Equipment And Introduction Of Ore Beneficiation

(a) the mineral and crushing equipment:mandibles crusher:jaw crusher work principle: mandibles crusher (jaw crusher), has a big crushing ratio,artificial sand maker products of granularity, simple and reliable, simple maintenance and operation cost, etc.Artificial sand makerjaw crusher commonly used electrical equipment:hammer crusher:hammer crusher work principle: hammer crusher is metallurgy, building material, chemical and industrial sectors such as water and electricity finely limestone, coal or other medium hardness friable materials under one of the major equipments, with big crushing ratio,drum dryer high productive capacity, particle size uniform products, etc.Drum dryer(b) the grinding process equipment:the ball mill:the ball mill principle: the material is feeding device the hollow shaft into the material spiral evenly into the mill first storehouse, the warehouse liner or there were steps corrugated linings, with different specifications in steel ball, cylinder convey move will produce centrifugal force steel ball to a certain height down after, to material produced thumping and abrasive.Drum dryerthe ball mill commonly used electrical equipment: high voltage motor reducer water resistancehierarchical machine:hierarchical machine working principle: hierarchical machine is have the aid of solid grain size to differ, the proportion of different,aggregate jaw crusher thus in the fluid in settling velocity different principle, fine magnetic particles in the water into the phytoplankton overflow, the coarse ore grain drowned in the bottom of the tank.Hierarchical machine commonly used electrical equipment: reducer motors(c) choose don't process equipment:the flotation machine working principle: the flotation machine work, driven by motor drive impeller spinning,aggregate jaw crusher produce centrifugal formation negative pressure, on the one hand, inhaled plenty of air to pulp mixed, on the one hand, mixing the pulp and drug combinations, and at the same time refining bubble, make mineral bonding foam on, float to the pulp face and form the mineralization bubble.The flotation machine commonly used electrical equipment: reducer motorsmagnetic separation machine working principle: magnetic separation process is in the magnetic separation machine in magnetic field, with the aid of magnetic force and mechanical force on the role of the magnetic particles and realize the separation.Magnetic separation machine commonly used electrical equipment: reducer motors aggregate jaw crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/product.Htmlaggregate jaw crusher:www.China-crusher.Com/product.Htmlvibratory feeder:www.Hxjqcrusher.Com/crusher/china-vibrating-feeder.Html.

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