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The Modifications Of Ball Mill

Ball mill widely used in cement, portland products, new building materials, refractory material, chemical fertilizer, black nonferrous metal mineral processing and glass ceramics production industry, of all kinds of ores and other materials may be grinding of dry or wet grinding.In the raw material of aerated concrete preparation, slag, fly ash, coal gangue waste materials such as by feeding device the hollow shaft into the material spiral evenly into the ball mill first storehouse, the warehouse liner or there were steps corrugated linings, with different specifications in steel ball, cylinder rotating centrifugal force will produce steel ball to a certain height down after, to material produced thumping and abrasive.The material in the first storehouse reach coarse grinding, through the single diaphragms in the second class, in the warehouse with flat lining board, with steel ball that ball will further grinding materials.Powder which through the unloading bi board eduction, finish grinding homework.The ball mill modification to look brand.The drive and grinding ball mill optimization of energy consumption to match, the maximum limit save energy consumption.As a multinational enterprise, the constant use of the new technology, research and develop new products to all customers wholeheartedly provide quality products and services at the same time, and constantly develop new business channel, and strive to meet customers in the use of ball mill equipment in the process of diversification and personalized service needs.The ball mill modification to look brand.Along with the economic crisis of the impact of the our country, the state has adopted a series of measures to drive economic development, especially the jinghu high speed railway construction, it is to cement the ball mill, the ball mill equipment development has brought great good prospects.There are various deficiencies of od style ball mill.Since there are some manufacturing defects of grinding machine, or removing and maintenance many times,there is a concentricity difference between both ends of the hollow cylinder shaft.Because of the unstable current, phenomenon of the tile burning, grinding shaft and stop operation often appear.So main bearing of the grinding machine should be replaced by rolling bearing uranium so that they can achieve their normal operation.When old mill"s hollow shaft needs to be changed after wearing, bearing bush can be displaced with rolling bearing.The wear of hollow shaft may continue to use after the repair.The modification method of old mill is simple.The basic height of original grinding machine remains unchanged, only changing both ends of the main bearing.It can be complished after ceasing operation two or three days on the site.The operating life of rolling bearing above 8 years.If there are manufacturing quality problems of bearing in eight years, it can be maintained, changed and returned.With china"s continuous development in building materials industry, the new cement enterprise increases constantly, and the old cement enterprise also set about embarking on technical reformation.These users should understand and grasp new technology and the development of our country grinding machine.Using new technology once in place with one investment reduces the future reform and secondary construction.Adoption of advanced technology brings to the enterprise considerable economic benefit.Raymond mill:http://www.Crusher-machine.Com/13.Html ball mills:http://www.Hx-china.Com/14.Html.

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