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The Operation Factors Of Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is a broken line of crushing equipment in one of the most important, in the course of the safe operation of the first to note: impact crusher 1.When the impact crusher is running, the staff can not stand the force of inertia within the line, the installation of electrical switches should avoid this location.2.While crusher working, open the inspection door, to observe strictly prohibited inside the situation, is strictly prohibited to make any adjustment, cleaning and other maintenance work to avoid danger.3.Is strictly prohibited inside the machine can not be broken into the material, so as not to damage the machine.4.The impact crusher in maintenance, first cut off the power supply.5.The machine running, overload the machine work is strictly prohibited.6.Electrical equipment should be grounded, insulated wire should be reliable, and packed in snakeskin tube.7.Using a hydraulic opening and closing roof system, is strictly prohibited in the latter two cases the direction of aircraft movement was present.Open end to a good cushion in the lower arm pads, and to ensure the absolute safety of a solid and reliable before it can perform other work.The factor impacting the runing of impact crusher impact crusher is the crushing equipment, after repeated proved counter-breaking performance of the finished product is far superior to integrated grain functional equivalent of cone crusher and hammer crusher, a stone highway with the necessary equipment required.Crusher capacity per unit time is the number of broken material generally used their units: tons / hour.Impact crusher of the production capacity of many factors: 1.The hardness of the material.Breaking up hard materials, the more the more difficult, but also for crusher wear more serious.Slow broken, of course, crushing capacity to small.2.Material humidity, the water containing material that is larger, the material content of the crusher is easy adhesion, but also easy to block the course of the next material handling, resulting in crushing capacity decreases.3.Broken materials, the fineness, the fineness high requirements, which requires breaking out the finer material, the crusher crushing capacity is smaller.4.The composition of the material, crushing the former containing the powder material in the impact of the more crushing because the adherence of these fine easy to transport.For more fines content should be screened once in advance.5.The viscosity of the material.The viscosity of the material, the more likely adhesion.6, impact crusher broken parts (hammer, jaw) the greater the wear resistance of the better breaking ability, if you do not wear, will affect the crushing capacity.Hongxing crusher wear parts for use of high strength, key components of torrington bearings and other countries with exports of free products, equipment, time investment, high efficiency.And compared to cone crusher, impact crusher less investment, less refined and stones, low production costs; and the hammer crusher compared to use of long time wear parts, high efficiency, the latter small investment.

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