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The Palmyra Panthers And Peter Degeorge A Combination To Follow During The 2011 Season

The palmyra panthers are a very steady, constant team.For the past ten years they have been close and strong contenders for the state playoffs and also for the conference championship.Their program adds strong, young players to the team every year which has helped them to stay in the fight for so long.Among these players we have peter degeorge, number eight for the panthers.Last year he did a great job filling in as a quarterback and as a line backer too, this year he will surely be working to become a starter in either or both positions.Peter degeorge will be going to training camp this year as a junior.Last year the palmyra panthers had a great season with seven wins and three loses which took them to the playoffs.Even though they ended up losing the playoffs, peter degeorge and the palmyra panthers did a great job.This year they are expected to have the same or better performance although there is word that they are looking for a 6 -0 conference record which they last had in 2008.Peter had an excellent performance last season, when he got to play, and great things are expected from him this year too.Peter degeorge who plays with number eight at 170 pounds will be making great efforts during the training camp to win a starter position on every game this coming season.Peter degeorge is an experienced kicker too.Last season he kicked off three games and acted as an extra point kicker successfully several times.We should be able to see him kick a couple of balls this season too.The panthers competition will have to keep a close eye on peter and other returning stars this season.The word is that peter degeorge has been practicing and honing down his skills as quarterback and linebacker during the off season.Practice makes perfection, and he has promised to give his best to help the panthers have a victorious season this year.Peter degeorge is a fast player that stands at 5'9 and weighs around 170 pounds; with the speed and reflexes of a cobra.It is rare to find a player with some much ability in different positions on the field, peter degeorge has them and he uses them, especially under pressure.After his performance on the field last season peter degeorge has become a leader to his teammates who respect and value his efforts and abilities.He is an example of persistence and effort to his fellow players and this has brought the panthers closer to their goals for the coming season.Peter degeorge is definitely an example of what a true football player should be like.He is respectful and fair, yet strong and persistent in his game and efforts.This is the moment for panther fans to go out and watch the training camp, support the boys and especially peter degeorge in their efforts to prepare themselves for the coming season.If you do take some time to check it out, you will get the chance to watch that well oiled football machine with the ball.This will be the year of the panthers and peter degeorge, so stay alert and watch them on their way to total victory.

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