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The Problems Happen In Running Ball Mill And Solutions

Common problems of ball mill operation and ways to improve ball mill efficiencymill efficiency during operation,ball mill and other mining equipment will always meet some common problems,henan bailing would like to introduce you the common problems of ball mill operation briefly.We will explaine you some basic knowledge of ball mill in the news we published before.How to improve the operation efficiency of ball mill is our customers' primary concern.Here we would like to share you some ways to improve ball mill efficiency.The problems appeared in the use process of ball mill can be dealt with like this: common problem no.1: the powder of the finished product is over-coarse or over-fine.Solutions: (1) change the blade and decrease the supply air rate of fan properly to make it finer.(2) check and adjust the sealing of lock powder device.Once found the air leakage, use the scraper to stop it.(3) change for a new scraper knife.Common problem no.2: no powder or little powder with low output.Solutions: (1) check and adjust the sealing of lock powder device.Once found the air leakage, use the scraper to stop it.(2) change for a new scraper knife.Common problem no.3: then main engine electric current goes up, the engine temperature goes up, and the fan electric current goes down.Solutions: (1) decrease the inlet amount and clean the powder in air flue.(2) turn up the air pipe valve, and keep the inlet material temperature below 6 centigrade degree.Common problem the steps in detail when the ball mill is running, there is regular beating noisy.The temperature of ball mill and reducer are high even more than the prescribed number.Reducer the fever of the ball mill.When ball mill reducer is driving, there will be a huge vibration.When the ball mill reducer is running ,the sounds was unusual.For the common problems in operation , in order to resolve these issues better we should according to different reasons to adopt different solutions.Match of ball diameter is very important: pay attention to the size of ball diameter, which can improve efficiency.Increasing current is increasing speed.Change the formula is to increase the strength and weight of the ball (to increase its inertia).Grinding time and efficiency have no relationship, because efficiency itself is the ratio of effort and time.Methods of increasing speed include the use of inverters, modified deceleration device (if there is deceleration device ).Then there is a must to add water while milling time,cause the amount of water that has a great impact to the mill efficiency.Also,dispersant can be added to improve the milling efficiency.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as flotation cells,stone crusher plant,cement production line, henan hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

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